Coronation Street SPOILERS: Evil Ray blackmails Abi and Kevin

Are Abi and Kevin headed for prison?

Next week’s Coronation Street sees Ray Crosby looking for revenge on Abi Franklin for torching his car – and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Ray’s abusive ways towards women were finally exposed when Abi made a speech at a charity fundraiser, introducing his guests to just some of the victims that he had targeted over the years.

Abi and Ray in Coronation Street
Abi exposed Ray’s true colours recently, and it’s landed her in serous trouble (Credit: ITV)

But of course Ray didn’t take too kindly to his reputation being tarnished and soon he was verbally lashing out at Abi, telling her that he only used her and was never interested in a relationship with her.

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However, if there is one person on Coronation Street you don’t mess with, it’s Abi – and she got revenge for his sickening ways by stealing his beloved car and torching it.

Abi and Ray in Coronation Street
Ray was stunned when Abi stole his car and torched it (Credit: ITV)

But Ray isn’t the sort of man to let something like that lie, and he is back to his threatening ways next week, telling Abi that he now has dash cam footage of her stealing his car before it was torched.

However, Ray has a get-out clause for Abi… he won’t go to the police if she agrees to sleep with him.

Despite being horrified by the thought of Ray’s indecent proposal, Abi feels like she doesn’t have much option but to go through with his request, and she keeps what is happening a secret from Kevin.

Abi and Ray in Coronation Street
Ray tells Abi that if she sleeps with him then he won’t go to the police with evidence that links her to the car torching (Credit: ITV)

Later, things get even worse for Abi when she gets back to Kevin’s house, only to find Ray is there.

Ray is fuming that Kevin has been covering for Abi, having lied to the police by giving her an alibi for the night of the charity fundraiser.

But Ray is about to kick Kevin where it hurts by demanding that he sells the garage to him in return for staying out of jail.

Abi and Ray in Coronation Street
Can Abi go through with Ray’s indecent proposal? (Credit: ITV)

Offering Kevin the measly price of £90,000 for the garage, Ray tells Kevin he needs an answer by the end of the day. But how is Ray’s business partner Tyrone going to feel about having to sell their livelihood?

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Tyrone is fuming when he finds out that Kevin has risked everything to protect Abi, but will he let his friend go to jail?

Tyrone and Kevin in Coronation Street
Tyrone is fuming when Kevin admits he’s got to sell the garage to stay out of prison (Credit: ITV)

As Ray puts the pressure on, Abi and Kevin grow closer and even end up confessing their love for one another after Sally sets them up on a date.

But how will Kevin feel when he finds out about Ray’s indecent proposal to keep them out of prison?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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