Coronation Street spoilers: Psycho mum returns to cause heartbreak

Grace is back

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Grace Vickers returns to the cobbles, but what brings her back?

Last year, Grace decided she no longer wanted to be a parent and sold baby Glory to Ed and Aggie for £20k. In return, she needed to sign over her parental rights to Michael.

Next week Michael is delighted when Grace turns up for Glory’s birthday. Meanwhile Aggie and Ed share worried looks. What does she want?

Coronation Street Michael is delighted when Grace turns up
Michael is delighted when Grace turns up (Credit: ITV)

When Aggie finds Ed perusing the racing pages in the hopes of winning £10k, she’s horrified to realise Grace’s threats could trigger Ed’s gambling.

Asserting it’s time to tell Michael, they break the news that Grace is blackmailing them and the only reason she’s back is for more money, not to see Glory.

Coronation Street Michael is delighted when Grace turns up
Ed and Aggie are worried to see Grace (Credit: ITV)

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How will Michael react? And what will Grace say when she’s confronted?

Who is Grace in Coronation Street?

Grace is Michael’s ex-girlfriend who first appeared in 2019.

Michael saw her with a baby girl and presumed the little girl, Tianna, was his daughter, as Grace and Michael split when she was pregnant.

However Michael later found out Tianna wasn’t his daughter or Grace’s. Grace had a miscarriage and was working as a babysitter for her friend, but had been pretending Tianna was hers.

Grace and Michael had baby Glory (Credit: ITV)

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Later Grace revealed she was pregnant and after putting things behind them, she gave birth to a daughter called Glory.

However she began to neglect Glory by leaving her home alone to go drinking.

When Ed and Aggie found out, they agreed to give Grace money in order for her to sign over her parental rights to Michael. But is she going to cause more issues?

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