When does Oliver die in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street SPOILERS: when does Oliver die? All hope is lost for Leanne

Oliver has been on life support for the last few months

Coronation Street spoilers reveal a devastating development for Leanne Battersby as it’s become clear the question isn’t will but when does Oliver die?

The three-year-old was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease earlier this year and has been on life support for the last few months.

Leanne and Steve have been fighting to keep his life support machine on but after the courts decided it would be in Oliver’s best interest to have it withdrawn, Steve realised they needed to let their son go.

Coronation Street: Imran and Elliot stop representing Leanne

In upcoming scenes Leanne tells Imran that with Steve now intent on stopping her appeal, she wants to sue the hospital for negligence. Imran and Elliot break the news to Leanne that they’re no longer prepared to represent her.

Imran tells Toyah he’s no longer prepared to represent her (Credit: ITV)

Leanne rails at them both and resolves to find another lawyer to take over the case. But after phoning a number of solicitors, they all refuse to take it on.

When Toyah tells her sister how hard it was for Imran to come to the decision to no longer represent her, Leanne is livid. She accuses Toyah of stabbing her in the back.

Later, Dr Howarth tells Leanne that they’re running some blood tests on Oliver as they’re concerned for his liver function.

Leanne begs Imran to help with her case (Credit: ITV)

Leanne calls in at the solicitors’ office and begs Imran to help with her case just as a friend. But when he refuses, Leanne pushes over a filing cabinet and locks the door.

Having barricaded them in the office, Leanne orders Imran to call Elliot.

Having been summoned by Imran, Nick and Toyah turn up and tell Leanne to let them in. Imran drags the filing cabinet out of the way and opens the door.

Coronation Street: Oliver’s family say goodbye

At the hospital, Oliver suddenly arrests. Steve implores Leanne to put an end to Oliver’s suffering and let him die with dignity.

Leanne announces to Steve and Toyah that she’s decided to drop her appeal.

Nick gently persuades Leanne that it’s time they returned to the hospital to say goodbye to Oliver. But she admits she can’t do it (Credit: ITV)

At the end of the week, Leanne stares bleakly at Steve knowing it’s the day they say goodbye to their son. Leanne insists she must go home and get Oliver’s favourite pyjamas.

At home Nick gently persuades Leanne that it’s time they returned to the hospital to say goodbye, but she admits she can’t do it.

Steve and Leanne sit at Oliver’s bedside, while Nick and Tracy wait in corridor (Credit: ITV)

Having returned to the hospital, Steve and Leanne sit at Oliver’s bedside singing You Are My Sunshine. Nick and Tracy listen from the hospital corridor, their hearts breaking.

But as the singing stops, they know Oliver has died.

When Leanne returns home, she curls up on her son’s bed and sobs her heart out, devastated.

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