Coronation Street SPOILERS: Nina heartbroken by Seb’s cruelty tonight

Nina and Seb have been dating for a few weeks

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Nina is left heartbroken after she overhears Seb laughing at jokes at her expense.

A couple of weeks ago Seb and Nina started dating. This week Nina and Seb went to a concert together and stayed at a hotel after.

The young couple appeared to have a great time. However Nina is left heartbroken tonight when she overhears Seb’s conversation with his work colleagues.

Coronation Street spoilers: Nina heartbroken by Seb’s cruelty

In tonight’s scenes (Friday, April 23) Nina admits to Roy that she’s in love with Seb and wonders if he could stay for a few nights.

Nina overhears Seb laughing at jokes at her expense (Credit: ITV)

Later Nina overhears Ed and Paul mocking her gothism. But she’s really hurt when she hears Seb laughing at their jokes and hurries away unnoticed.

Later Seb calls in to see Nina and she tells him that she was going to ask him to move in. But she overheard him laughing at her expense with his mates.

Seb is gutted that he’s upset Nina. Is this the end for the new couple?

Next week Seb attempts to win Nina round and calls in at the café in full goth attire.

Seb tries to make things right with Nina (Credit: ITV)

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He hands her a funeral wreath for her birthday and explains that George helped him achieve the look.

However Nina’s furious and accuses him of mocking her again.

Nina asks Seb to move in

Nina asks Seb to move in (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Nina thaws towards Seb and explains how she became a goth and what it means to her.

She soon forgives Seb and asks him to move in with her.

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