Coronation Street SPOILERS: Nick in danger as he returns to find Sam?

Sam is taken by Harvey's men

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Nick discovers Sam was kidnapped by one of Harvey’s men. But will he be able to save his son?

In next week’s scenes Nick returns home to find Sam, despite Leanne’s fears that he’s walking into a trap.

When Sharon spots Nick going into No.8, she calls Harvey.

Nick returns to Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

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A furious Natasha and anxious Nick watch with a feeling of dread as a policewoman approaches the house.

Meanwhile a terrified Sam is trapped in the van and unable to summon help.

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick is given an ultimatum

Later Nick finds himself in danger when he gets into a taxi. But it very quickly becomes clear that one of the drivers is one of Harvey’s thugs.

He hands Nick a burner phone and tells him that unless Simon and Leanne retract their evidence, he’ll never see Sam again.

One of Harvey’s men tells Nick that Simon and Leanne need to retract their evidence (Credit: ITV)

Nick confides in David and Shona how Sam’s ordeal wasn’t an accident, but it was orchestrated by Harvey.

Nick calls Leanne and explains he won’t be returning to the hideout as Sam is in danger.

Having found out Sam’s been kidnapped by Shona, a furious Natasha barges her way into No.8 and demands that Nick calls the police and tells them the truth.

Shona tells Natasha not to speak to the police (Credit: ITV)

Natasha tells Nick and Leanne that if they won’t go to the police then she will.

But Shona finds Natasha in the police station waiting room and begs her to reconsider, pointing out that by involving the police, she’ll be putting Sam in more danger.

Jenny discovers the truth about Sharon

Meanwhile, Sharon tells Gemma that she has decided to move back home and Gemma insists on meeting for a leaving drink.

Jenny is suspicious when Sharon tells her about her change of plan. Johnny and Jenny head to the Bistro for lunch but Jenny is put out to spot Ronnie and Sharon at the next table.

But she is intrigued when Johnny says he knows her from the prison and he has no knowledge of the mentoring scheme she claims to be a part of.

Jenny finds out the link between Sharon and Harvey (Credit: ITV)

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When Jenny asks Gary to find out what he can about Harvey, she is shocked to discover the link between him and Sharon.

What will she do with the information?

Meanwhile Sharon has clocked the intimacy between Ronnie and Jenny and she she warns Jenny to watch her back.

Will Jenny tell the Platts what she knows?

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