Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

Is Jenny in danger?

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Jenny figures out the truth about Sharon.

Meanwhile Asha and Abi work together to bring Corey down and Adam makes a decision about being Peter’s liver donor.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street.

Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

1. Jenny finds out the truth about Sharon

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Aware Jenny is onto them, Sharon ups her game and quizzes Toyah about Leanne’s recent visit.

Meanwhile Natasha confronts Gary and accuses him of hiring the van that took Sam.

Jenny learns it was Sharon who hired the van and is intrigued.

She tells Ronnie about her suspicions.

Jenny tells Imran and Toyah she suspects Sharon was involved in Sam’s kidnapping.

Imran reveals Sam was taken to get Leanne out of hiding as she’s the key witness for the trial of a drugs baron named Harvey.

Jenny is stunned and determined to tell Rita the truth, but Sharon appears.

Meanwhile Imran confides in Gary and Ronnie that he reported Sharon to the police.

2. Gun horror for Gary

Rita returns home and finds Sharon about to do a runner.

Sharon pours her heart out to her and explains how her life went downhill after splitting with Ian.

Gary spots the same van that was used in the kidnapping.

He orders Rita to call the police whilst he goes after Sharon, but outside the driver pulls out a gun.

3. Abi asks Nina to come to Seb’s funeral

Nina is horrified when she overhears Asha tell Corey she wants to get back together.

But Asha is determined to stick to her plan and defends Corey, leaving Nina devastated.

Asha assures Nina she’s still her friends and things aren’t how they look.

Later Abi dumps the bag of goth dresses in front of Nina and orders her to put one on.

Abi tells Nina that Seb would want her at the funeral dressed as the Nina he loves.

As Seb’s hearse pulls up on the street, Corey appears, making out he wants to pay his respects.

Later Abi overhears Corey on the phone, laughing about Seb’s death.

She picks up a broken bottle, hellbent on getting revenge.

As Abi sets off, Asha sees the bottle in Abi’s hand and begs her to drop it.

She points out Seb wouldn’t want her to go back to prison.

Later Abi meets up with a dealer to buy drugs.

At the flat Asha convinces Corey she thinks he’s innocent and wants to spend the night.

4. Asha’s plan goes terribly wrong

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Having got drugs from Abi, Asha slips them in Corey’s drink.

Abi tells Nina Asha’s plan, meanwhile Asha goes through Corey’s phone whilst he’s unconscious.

When Abi and Nina arrive at the flat, a disorientated Corey pushes past them.

But he loses his balance and falls down the stairs. Will they help him?

5. Adam makes a decision about being Peter’s donor

Sarah begs Adam to reconsider donating his liver to Peter.

When she suggests that he’s only doing it out of guilt, Adam is torn.

Adam tells Sarah that he’s taken his name off the donor list. He wonders how he’ll break the news to Carla and Peter.

Carla tries to chase after Lucas for payment but his number is no longer in use.

Carla admits to Sarah she was right not to trust Lucas as it seems he’s gone bust.

Sarah and Carla go to Lucas’ deserted premises hoping to reclaim their stock.

After getting their stock back, they return to the cobbles and Adam breaks the news to Peter that he will not be donating his liver.

Carla is gutted to hear that Adam has pulled out.

But she’s further angered to learn Sarah encouraged him.

Furious with Sarah, Carla accuses her of talking Adam out of the transplant to get back at her for sleeping with Adam.

But Sarah insists Peter is a lost cause.

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