Coronation Street spoilers

Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

Tracy gives Emma some advice

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Harvey’s trial starts.

Meanwhile Summer gets a shock diagnosis and Emma follows Tracy’s advice, but things don’t go to plan.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street.

1. Coronation Street spoilers: Shooting horror on the cobbles?

Having given his mum the slip, Sam goes to see Nick with a Father’s Day card. Harvey’s sidekick watches on.

Sharon tries to talk Rhys out of Harvey’s plan to turn the screws on Leanne, but to no avail.

As Nick and Sam head towards the car, a returning Leanne is horrified to hear the sounds of gunshots.

Seeing Nick and Sam sprawled out on the ground, Leanne and Simon race towards them, fearing the worst.

Sharon watches from a distance, horrified.

In the hideout, Sharon is about to do a runner when Rhys bursts in.

Leanne realises she needs to stand up in court and tell the truth.

Later Rita is shocked to find Sharon in her flat, having taken a beating from Harvey’s gang.

Sharon begs her to give her the £10k back so she can start a new life and Rita arranges a bank transfer.

Meanwhile Nick tells Natasha that Leanne is going to give evidence and it would be best if she and Sam moved back to London.

Gail is horrified and advises Nick that for Sam’s sake he should leave Leanne.

2. Harvey’s trial begins

As Harvey’s trial gets underway, Leanne enters the witness box, but will she dare tell the truth?

Sharon is then called as a witness, giving a report of Harvey’s violent nature and how he exploits children for his own gain.

Later Rita welcomes Sharon back and explains to Jenny that she did the right thing.

Sharon packs a bag and tells Rita she is fearing for her life. Rita offers to give her the £10k to help her start afresh.

3. Summer gets a shock diagnosis

Summer takes Billy and Todd for Father’s day lunch, but Billy is worried when she keeps going to the toilet and makes an excuse to leave.

Todd suggests he should move in properly, but when they return to the flat they find Summer has collapsed after a dizzy spell.

Summer is horrified when she realises Todd and Billy think she has an eating disorder.

As Billy tries to reassure her she faints again.

In the hospital they’re shocked as Summer is diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Summer struggles to take in the news that she’ll need to manage her condition with injections.

Summer puts on a brave face and reveals the doctor has shown her how to check her blood sugar and inject herself with insulin.

Billy tells Todd that he’s changed his mind and reckons he should move in.

4. A Shock death brings Fiz and Tyrone together

Tyrone is overwhelmed when Alina buys Curtis’s motorbike for him.

Later Tyrone is forced to admit that he’s failed his motorbike test, leaving Fiz amused.

Fiz mocks Tyrone when he reveals he’s booked a mediation session.

When Fiz catches sign of his new ‘T&A’ tattoo, she reckons it’s just another example of his mid-life crisis.

Back home Tyrone finds a police officer at his door.

The officer tells Tyrone that Ruby’s biological mum, Kirsty, is dead.

In shock Tyrone turns to Fiz as they prepare to break the news to Ruby.

5. Emma loses her chance with Curtis?

Emma flirts with Curtis in the Bistro until Tracy advises her that she needs to play hard to get.

Curtis is confused by Emma’s noticeably cooler attitude and confides in Steve.

Steve talks to Emma and she tells him about Tracy’s advice. He urges her to ignore Tracy and follow her heart.

Dressed to kill, Emma heads out just in time to see Curtis approaching a glamorous woman.

Gutted Emma tells Steve she saw Curtis with another woman. She says she has missed her chance.

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