Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – October 25-29

The aftermath of the sinkhole disaster is far-reaching

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal the aftermath of the sinkhole disaster.

David is forced to take responsibility, meanwhile Simon and Roy are both struggling with guilt.

Elsewhere, Nina and Asha find vital evidence.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Nina and Asha find evidence against Corey

Asha spots Stu wearing a Weatherfield County backpack and he reveals he found it in the Rovers.

Asha is sure it’s Corey’s from the night of the attack and knows this could be their chance to prove him guilty, but Stu runs off.

Nina and Asha manage to track Stu down and ask him for his help.

Stu refuses to get involved and rushes off leaving Nina bitterly disappointed.

But it prompts her to make a decision about her future with Asha and the girls decide to give their relationship a go.

2. Simon blames himself

After last week’s events, Simon blames himself for ever bringing Harvey to the Street.

3. David takes the blame

Leo tells David the disaster wouldn’t have happened if he’d repaired the sinkhole earlier.

David feels awful.

The furious residents confront David.

He is ashamed as admits the truth about not repairing the sinkhole soon enough.

4. Roy struggles with his guilt

Roy’s conscience threatens to overwhelm him as he reflects on past events.

5. Dev needs to rebuild his family

Dev feels guilty over saving Asha ahead of Aadi.

Can he rebuild his family?

6. Ryan catches Zeedan out?

With Alya out of the way, Zeedan manages to launder some of Hashim’s cash through the tills.

Hashim then meets Zeedan in the ginnel.

Hashim gives him more money and says Zeedan has a month to get it through.

Zeedan’s heart sinks.

Ryan secures some shifts at Speed Daal, but when he gets there he spots Zeedan and Hashim’s exchange.

Ryan questions Zeedan, but he refuses to give any answers. Will Ryan realise what’s going on?

7. Emma asks Steve to help Curtis

Emma is worried about Curtis doing extra shifts at the hospital.

When a clump of his hair falls out, he tells her it’s a side effect of his illness.

Emma is worried about him and confides in Steve.

Emma asks Steve for money from Oliver’s fund to pay for a private consultant.

Steve gently tells her it would be illegal, leaving Emma deflated. How can she help Curtis now?

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