Coronation Street first look week 48 Alya angry, Curtis worried Daisy annoyed

Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – Nov 29 – Dec 3

The Street is engulfed in flames

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal lives are on the line as Speed Daal goes up in flames.

But who is responsible for the fire? And who will get out alive?

Meanwhile, Curtis is lying to Emma, but a face from his past might blow the truth out of the water. And, Daniel and Daisy hit the rocks.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Coronation Street spoilers:

1. Alya finds out the truth

Ryan’s suspicions of Zeedan grow and he demands to know exactly what’s going on.

Zeedan confesses everything and Ryan urges him to go to the police about the money laundering.

Despite Zee begging him not to, Ryan tells fuming Alya the truth. She demands Hashim’s number, determined to sort this herself.

Zeedan begs her not to get involved, but Alya doesn’t listen and soon calls him.

Zeedan is horrified to find Hashim at Speed Daal talking to Alya.

Alya turns on her brother, accusing him of destroying everything their family has worked for.

2. Fire at Speed Daal

When the food van full of dirty cash is stolen, Hashim demands Zeedan torch Speed Daal and claim on the insurance.

Zeedan refuses, but Hashim threatens it’s either that or Yasmeen’s house.

It’s not long before the restaurant is engulfed in flames and Zeedan and Yasmeen are horrified to find out someone is trapped inside.

Did Zeedan set fire to the place? Or did something else happen?

3. Curtis lies to Emma

Emma and Curtis discuss wedding venues with Debbie and Emma’s stunned to hear he won’t be invited anyone.

Curtis says he doesn’t get on with his family and his only mates live abroad.

But Emma decides to secretly invite his family to the wedding…

4. Curtis’s father arrives

Neville arrives on the cobbles and explains he’s Curtis’s dad.

Emma is stunned believing him to be dead.

Curtis quickly covers and lies Neville is his stepdad.

Clearly upset, Neville goes along with the lie.

Emma later offers to speak to Curtis’s mum to see if she’ll come to the wedding, but Curtis shuts her down.

What is he hiding?

5. Max stalks Summer

Summer gives herself a makeover to look like Daisy so Daniel will notice her.

But she’s deflated when Daniel doesn’t realise the effort she’s gone to.

The next day Daniel gives Summer a lift home from school after helping her with her homework.

As she steps out of the car, they’re both laughing, clearly enjoying each other’s company.

However, they’re totally unaware Max is following them and filming on his camera.

6. Daisy dumps Daniel

Daniel makes a joke about Daisy being ill-educated and she takes it to heart and storms out. She begins flirting with footballer Ashley.

Daniel is later jealous to hear about Daisy and Ashley from Jenny.

Daisy tells Jenny she still likes Daniel, but Jenny accuses her of only wanting him for his money.

Daniel overhears and despite Daisy’s assurances, Daniel doesn’t believe her.

They row and Daisy dumps him.

She then accepts an invitation from Ashley to go away for the weekend.

Daniel assures her he’s pleased she’s moved on, but it’s clear neither of them are happy.

7. Grace has a shock proposal for Aggie

Grace leaves Glory home alone to go out with Bernie. Aggie is fuming when she finds out and threatens to report Grace to social services for child neglect.

Grace admits she never wanted a baby and has a proposition for Aggie. Will Aggie agree?

8. Fiz meets Phill’s mum

Phill’s boiler has broken, so Fiz invites him to stay at hers and Phill invites his mum for tea.

Fiz is shocked as Mimi arrives with her dog. Fiz is furious with Phill for not telling her how posh his mum is.

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