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Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all new pics – 1-5 November

Will Corey get away with murder again?

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Corey going on the run as he tries to get away with murder again.

Meanwhile, Kevin begs Abi to marry him, but will Corey put a stop to that too?

Elsewhere, Maria prepares for a fight – but who with?

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Corey gets away with murder – again?

Corey demands Stu hand over the contents of the backpack.

But Stu pretends not to know what Corey is talking about. Is Corey about to get caught out?

With the police in possession of Corey’s blood-stained clothes, they are hot on his tail.

Stefan and Corey prepare to go on the run, but will they get away?

2. Debbie gives Abi an ultimatum

Abi is confronted by Debbie who has found her letter. She wants an explanation.

Debbie gives Abi an ultimatum – walk away from Kevin and Jack or she’ll tell Kev everything.

3. Will Abi and Kevin get married?

Abi assures Debbie she’s getting out of Kevin’s life.

She confesses everything to Kevin and packs her bags to leave.

But Kev’s not having it and finds her in Seb’s memorial garden and begs her to marry him.

Kevin says he’ll be waiting at the hotel, but will Abi agree to get hitched?

As Jack and Kevin wait for Abi, Nina arrives and reveals Corey is going to be arrested.

Will the news derail their big day?

With Corey and Stefan on the run, Abi persuades Gary to help her find them.

Will he agree? And can they get to them in time?

4. Maria’s protest

Maria is upset when Gary reveals the council plans to bulldoze the Red Rec playing fields to build a new road.

Sally warns Maria she can’t take on the council, but Maria refuses to be beaten.

Maria meets a reporter from the Gazette to get her campaign going and then organises a protest with the locals.

After Phill reveals he’s on the planning committee, he agrees to hear Maria out.

Maria decides to run for council, but Sally announces she too will fight the local elections.

Which Weatherfield woman will win?

5. Curtis collapses

After hearing Curtis thinks he won’t live long enough to graduate medical school, Steve persuades Curtis not to give up on his future.

Steve offers him a lift to his exam.

Curtis collapses on Coronation Street

The car won’t start and Curtis gets out to push.

However, as the engine bursts into life, Curtis sinks to his knees clutching his chest.

Emma is thrilled when Steve agrees to pay for a private consultant for Curtis.

Meanwhile, Curtis is overwhelmed by the family’s kindness and vows to spend every minute with Emma.

6. Zeedan confronted by Craig

Zeedan stuffs Hashim’s stolen cash into his bag as Craig approaches.

Craig reveals Alya has called him as she’s worried Hashim is giving Zeedan grief.

Zeedan later tells Alya and Yasmeen he’s rehired the food truck and is going to make a proper go of it. But is he lying?

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