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Coronation Street SPOILERS: New trailer reveals Peter Barlow’s devastating relapse

The taxi driver hits the bottle after being attacked

Coronation Street has revealed a new trailer showing Peter Barlow‘s devastating relapse.

The alcoholic will be savagely attacked this week by a criminal intent on stealing his cab.

And, after the shock of the beating, a well-intentioned passer by offers him a boozy sip from a hip flask – and Peter gives in.

Unable to fight his demons, he downs the whisky and breaks his sobriety.

What else happens to Peter in the Coronation Street trailer?

Judging by the bombshell trailer, it looks like Peter will down more booze as he looks worse for wearing during a clash with partner Carla.

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Abi can be seen stepping in to warn Carla that Peter is on the edge.

She said: “He’s struggling and I know he won’t ask for it but he needs help.”

But when Carla tries to help Peter it doesn’t go smoothly. Instead, Peter rages at her.

Carla looks heartbroken by Peter’s vicious words (Credit: ITV)

He tells her: “You love me as a wreck, you love me at rock bottom. You want to fix me but I don’t need fixing.”

Carla’s attempts don’t end well, with Peter later found unconscious.

In some ways he feels as though he is responsible for Carla and her wellbeing, so he wants to appear strong and in control.

As Sarah heads over to the factory, she’s concerned to see Johnny and Jenny taking a drunk Peter to hospital.

When she gets to the factory, she tells Carla what she saw.

coronation street peter barlow
Peter Barlow will hit the bottle this week (Credit: ITV)

Peter Barlow’s booze meltdown

Later, when Peter wakes up, he finds Carla at his bedside. Peter tells her he loves her with all his heart and doesn’t deserve her.

But later, Daniel and Adam are horrified to find Peter in Victoria Gardens clutching an unopened bottle of whisky.

He has clearly been tipped over the edge again – but will he be able to recover?

Actor Chris Gascoyne recently explained how Peter puts himself in danger by being so intent on being strong to help Carla.

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He said: “In some ways he feels as though he is responsible for Carla and her wellbeing, so he wants to appear strong and in control.

“After everything she went through, he doesn’t want her to feel as though she has to worry about him.

“The problem with that is that it makes it very difficult to have a full and honest relationship. When that breaks down, it lays bare what else is wrong with their relationship.”

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