Coronation Street SPOILERS: Natasha makes a generous offer to Oliver’s appeal

Leanne and Steve are trying to raise money for their court case against the hospital

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Natasha wants to make a huge donation to Oliver’s appeal. But will Nick accept it?

In upcoming scenes, Leanne and Steve get a date for their final hearing.

Leanne suggests they need to get the German doctors on side and call them as medical experts. Steve even tells her that he will fly to Germany in a bid to persuade the doctors to help with Oliver’s case.

Meanwhile a besotted Gail helps Sam set up his fundraising stall in Victoria Garden. But when Gail warns Natasha to keep her hands off Nick, Natasha is fuming.

Gail gives Natasha a warning (Credit: ITV)

A woman named Wendy introduces herself to Leanne and tells her she has been elected as Oliver’s guardian. But Leanne is hostile and immediately accuses Wendy of siding with the doctors.

Embarrassed by Leanne’s behaviour, Nick apologises to Wendy for her tone. But Leanne turns on Nick, furious that he apologised for her.

Later, a journalist friend of Natasha’s called Suki tells Nick and Leanne that she wants to help by telling their story in a bid to boost fundraising.

Leanne loses it (Credit: ITV)

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Leanne agrees and candidly talks about Oliver’s condition. But when Suki mentions his impending death, Leanne loses it.

Coronation Street: Natasha makes a generous offer

Natasha is apologetic about the article in the Gazette and tells Nick she’s like to make a donation of £20k to Oliver’s appeal.

Meanwhile Steve returns from Germany and breaks the news that Dr Schmitz is still adamant that Oliver isn’t a suitable candidate for treatment.

Natasha offers them £20k (Credit: ITV)

Leanne is devastated. But when Natasha calls and tells her she wants to donate £20k to Oliver’s fund, Leanne turns on Nick and want to know why he’s he kept it quiet.

She is outraged and suspects Nick refused Natasha’s money because he’s given up on Oliver. Leanne orders Nick to accept it as they need the money for legal fees.

Steve tells the mother of his son how sorry he is that he failed to secure the help of the German doctors. But Leanne assures him he did his best and tells him not to beat himself up.

Nick worries Leanne is fighting a losing battle (Credit: ITV)

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Nick confides in Gail that he fears Leanne is fighting a losing battle but he can’t tell her as she’ll see it as him giving up on Oliver.

But Gail urges him to be honest with Leanne. Will he tell her?

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