Coronation Street SPOILERS: Maria and Ali rekindle their passion

But Gary's got a plan up his sleeve

Next week’s Coronation Street sees Maria Connor and Ali Neeson share a forbidden kiss… but little does she know Gary Windass is planning to propose.

Maria had her world shattered recently when she suffered a miscarriage after contracting measles from baby Bertie.

Maria’s world was shattered when she suffered a miscarriage recently (Credit: ITV)

But while Gary was equally as upset about losing the baby, the horrendous ordeal has reminded Maria about what she saw in former boyfriend Ali after he was the one to support her through her heartbreaking scan.

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Coronation Street viewers watched Maria’s life fall apart when her worst nightmare became a reality as she went for a scan after getting signs that something wasn’t right with her pregnancy.

Ali was by her side as she was told the devastating news (Credit: ITV)

It was her ex Ali who rushed her to the hospital, and then held her close as she broke down following the news she had suffered a miscarriage.

When Maria decides to distribute leaflets next week raising awareness for the MMR jab, Gary is pleased to see her doing something positive following her horrendous few weeks.

However, when Ali gets wind of what she is up to he tells her that while it is great she is doing her bit, she should also make sure she has taken enough time to grieve for her baby.

The ordeal brought Maria and Ali closer again (Credit: ITV)

But later Maria’s leaflets are the least of her worries when she sees Gary up to his old tricks as Ryan hands him a wad of cash in an envelope.

Maria immediately thinks the worst, and when Gary then gives Ryan some cash in return, things look seriously dodgy.

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But what Maria doesn’t realise is Gary is giving Ryan money to get an engagement ring from the jewellers, and he later tells her that he has booked her in for a manicure.

Maria and Ali share a kiss next week (Credit: ITV)

But while Gary thinks he is planning the perfect proposal, the manicure makes Maria even more suspicious and when Ryan is shifty about a parcel that he has got for Gary she starts to think that her man is up to no good.

Ali later finds an upset Maria in the barbers and she vents her fears to him about Gary. Ali seizes the moment to tell Maria that he never stopped loving her and it doesn’t take long for them to share a passionate kiss.

Later a guilty Maria returns home to find Gary and verbally lashes out at him about his shady dealings… but when both Ike and Ryan confirm that the money was for an engagement ring, Maria starts to realise she has made a huge mistake.

Gary’s planned a proposal, unaware that Maria is hiding a big secret (Credit: ITV)

So will Maria accept Gary’s proposal despite what she has just been up to with her ex?

And will Ali think that they are back together now that their romance has been well and truly rekindled?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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