Coronation Street Nick Leanne split?

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Leanne and Nick to split for good over Oliver’s illness?

The couple are facing a horrifying battle

Coronation Street couple Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley could be over for good because of Oliver’s devastating illness.

The youngster has a life-limiting disorder and is relying on medical intervention to keep him breathing.

As the doctors have realised there is nothing more to be done for Oliver, except to let him go with dignity, Nick has stood beside Leanne in her bid to defy them.

Nick could be set to split from Leanne on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

What happens to Nick and Leanne on Coronation Street?

However, this week on Corrie, things take a drastic turn as the German specialists reiterate they cannot help Oliver.

It pushes Leanne to breaking point – and when the hospital appoints a guardian for Oliver, she loses it completely.

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What’s more, when Nick tries to reason with her, she accuses him of betraying her and Oliver too.

Later Nick confides in mum Gail about how he thinks the doctors are right and she encourages him to speak to Leanne.

However, could it break the couple apart for good?

Leanne has been left broken by son Oliver’s illness (Credit: ITV)

Actors reveal struggle to cope

Actor Ben Price revealed the harrowing scenes have taken their toll on himself and co-star Jane Danson.

This will continue to play out for quite a while, especially for Leanne.

“Jane has been fantastic. She’s super solid, we’re very supportive of each other but when you’re in it you’re in it,” he said.

“We’re both old enough to know what comes with these types of big storylines, but we’re also lucky enough to go back to our own families where this is not our life, and that’s important.

“When we’re in work we give it 100%, but when we step out you have to try not to take it home. There are days when we’ve cried a lot and you can’t stop crying but that’s what we’re paid to do. Jane has done an amazing job.”

“It’s important to get this story right,” he added.

“Jane and I are both aware that this is someone’s story. This is someone’s life and that’s why we’re giving it everything we can.

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“No one takes it lightly. You have to find the balance of keeping that in the back of your head but also be aware that you’re playing it and not let the whole weight fall on you.

“This will continue to play out for quite a while, especially for Leanne.”

Will Nick and Leanne survive?

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