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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Leanne meets Nick’s son

Nick decides to tell Leanne the truth

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Leanne finds out about Nick’s son Sam. How will she react to the news?

Currently Nick’s stepson Oliver is in hospital and things aren’t looking good as doctors believe there is nothing more they can do for the little boy.

However, Nick also recently discovered he has a nine-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend Natasha. But with Oliver being so ill, he hasn’t told Leanne the truth yet. However it looks like that’s about to change.

In next week’s visit to the cobbles, Leanne watches over Oliver. Meanwhile Nick listens to a message from Sam inviting him on a day out.

Nick tells Gail about Sam (Credit: ITV)

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He decides to tell Gail about Sam and how he’s his son from his previous relationship with Natasha. Nick tells his mum he would love for him to be part of the family but it would be too painful for Leanne.

Coronation Street: Leanne and Steve want to take Oliver’s case to court

Meanwhile Leanne and Steve meet with a hospital mediator but their hopes are dashed when Oliver’s doctor reiterates there’s nothing more they can do for the little boy and a second opinion would be a waste of money.

Desperate Leanne vows to fight for her son, even if that means going to court.

Later, Gail advises Nick to be honest with Leanne and tell her about Sam, but Nick’s adamant that now isn’t the time.

Leanne and Steve meet with a hospital mediator (Credit: ITV)

Nick and Tracy arrive at the hospital where Steve and Leanne are talking about hiring specialist legal teams and spending thousands on a court case.

However Tracy reaches a decision to pull the plug on the sale of Street Cars and Preston’s Petals, telling Steve they can’t throw their future away on a court case they’re not going to win.

Steve is raging and as Nick leaves a message for Sam confirming he’d love to see him, Steve breaks down at Oliver’s bedside.

Coronation Street: Leanne meets Nick’s son

Gail is made up to meet her grandson for the first time. Nick promises Sam he’ll be there at lunchtime to watch him perform Space Oddity

But as Nick and Leanne attend a meeting with their new barrister, he’s aware they’re overrunning and repeatedly checks his phone.

Gail is excited to meet Sam (Credit: ITV)

Leanne is unimpressed and accuses him of being more interested in his phone than Oliver’s welfare.

Realising he has no choice, Nick reveals the person he has been texting ois his son.

Nick explains how Natasha have birth to his son nine years ago but kept it a secret from him.

When Nick reveals to Leanne that he met Sam a few days ago and kept it from her as he was worried about the strain she’s already under with Oliver, she is furious.

Leanne meets Sam. But how will she react? (Credit: ITV)

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She demands Nick summon Natasha and Sam to the hospital. How will Leanne react when she meets Sam?

Steve and Leanne get a date

Later Steve and Leanne get a date for their first court hearing.

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