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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Leanne makes a pass at Steve

Steve and Leanne are going to court to fight for Oliver

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Leanne makes a pass at Steve. What will Steve do?

In next week’s scenes Leanne and Steve are gutted to see that Wendy has taken Dr Howarth’s side over Oliver’s case.

Tracy arrives at the family court for Oliver’s hearing but Leanne makes it clear that neither she or Nick are welcome. Steve suggests that to Tracy she leaves them to it and she’s stung.

Dr Howarth tells the court that her view (Credit: ITV)

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Dr Howarth tells the court that in her view it would be an act of kindness and compassion to switch off Oliver’s life support.

Coronation Street: Leanne makes a pass at Steve

Later, after a gruelling day in court, Leanne knocks back a bottle of wine and suggests Steve takes her to bed. What will he do?

Soon Leanne comes to her senses and apologises for making a pass at Steve. When he returns home to Tracy, she can sense something isn’t right.

Tracy’s shocked to hear Leanne made a pass at Steve (Credit: ITV)

When she quizzes her husband, he reveals that Leanne came on to him but she was drunk.

Tracy’s shocked and later at the hospital, she confronts Leanne. But Leanne ends up breaking down in tears.

The next day, it’s Steve and Leanne’s turn in court. Leanne gives evidence and tells the court how Oliver reacts to certain stimuli.

When the Trust barrister suggests his reactions are involuntary, Leanne is forced to admit that it is possible. She tells the court that all she wants to do is save her son.

Leanne is upset to see Nick at the hospital (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Nick arrives at Oliver’s bedside and Toyah reminds him that Leanne banned him from visiting. But when she sees how upset he is, she relents and allows him to stay.

Back at court, Steve urges the Judge to give Oliver some more time as they mind find a cure one day.

But as the hearing is over, an emotionally drained Steve and Leanne head out. As Leanne arrives at the hospital, she’s furious to see Nick there.

The Judge makes a decision about Oliver’s case

Knowing it’s the day the Judge will announce her decision regarding Oliver, Tracy, Amy, Emma and Simon gather at No.1 and nervously await the news.

Steve and Leanne sit in silence as the Judge delivers her statement regarding Oliver’s situation. She concludes that it is in Oliver’s best interests that his life support be withdrawn.

In hospital, Toyah receives a call from an anguished Leanne and Sarah fights back her tears.

Steve tells Leanne that they have to let Oliver go. But what will she say? (Credit: ITV)

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Leanne announces that she wants to launch an appeal and Steve reluctantly agrees, but it’s clear he’s not convinced.

Meanwhile, Natasha approaches Nick outside his flat and invites herself in for a cup of tea.

Steve and Leanne return to the hospital and go to see their hospital.

Steve tells Leanne that they have to let Oliver go and he can’t back her in a decision to appeal.

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