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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Leanne is determined to help Oliver

Leanne believes Oliver can be helped

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal Leanne is more determined than ever to help Oliver after he seemingly responds to noise.

Leanne and Steve’s son Oliver was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease earlier this year. Although doctors believe there’s nothing they can do for the little boy, Leanne is determined to prove Oliver isn’t a lost cause.

In next week’s scenes Steve breaks the news to Leanne that he’s tried 10 more specialists but no one is willing to fight their corner.

Gail and Nick argue (Credit: ITV)

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Gail implores Nick to be honest and put a halt to Oliver’s suffering. But Nick is adamant he has to support Leanne or he will risk losing her as well.

Oliver’s guardian, Wendy, interviews Nick and Gail. However when Nick assures Wendy that Oliver responds to sound and touch, Gail isn’t convinced.

Soon the mother and son end up having a huge row which results in Gail leaving.

Coronation Street: Leanne given hope Oliver responds to a sound?

Nick slams the door behind her before an excited Leanne and Steve emerge from Oliver’s room. They say that Oliver responded to the slamming door, proving he can hear.

Oliver seemingly reacts to Nick slamming the door (Credit: ITV)

Later, Dr Howarth explains that Oliver’s response to the door was just an involuntary reflex leaving Leanne furious.

Nick suggests that from now on they note down all of Oliver’s responses in the hope it will prove to doctors he’s not a lost cause.

What happens in this week’s episodes?

Later this week, Leanne is furious when she learns Nick didn’t accept Natasha’s £20k donation.

Leanne is furious and wants to know why Nick didn’t accept Natasha’s money (Credit: ITV)

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She accuses him of giving up on Oliver and demands he accepts the money.

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