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Sunday 12th July 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Kel’s arrested for sexual abuse

His lifetime of lies are catch up with him...

Next week's Coronation Street sees Kel Hinchley finally face his crimes when he is arrested for the sexual abuse of Paul Foreman.

Ever since it was revealed that Paul was sexually abused by his mum's partner years ago, Corrie viewers have been waiting for him to get his comeuppance.

And that wait is finally over when next week the police come knocking on his door.

Kel's abuse has haunted Paul for years (Credit: ITV)

As Gemma Winter reveals to Chesney Brown that Kel is a paedophile, he's left sickened, especially because of the amount of time he has been spending with his eldest son, Joseph.

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The pair are glad when the police turn up and arrest Kel for the recent break in at Daniel Osbourne's flat, but Bernie Winter also admits that she didn't just tell the police about the burglary, she's also reported him for sexual abuse.

Paul recently told his family about what happened with Kel (Credit: ITV)

While Paul is reeling at his mum's actions, knowing that it means he will have to give a statement to the police, Kel is left stunned when the police questioning him show him the indecent images they have found on his computer.

Kel knows there is nowhere to hide and warns Bernie that she will regret crossing him... and he is true to his word when he later ends up holding Bernie hostage at No.5.

Thankfully Gemma and Paul rescue their mum before anything sinister can happen, and Bernie promises to be a better mum to the pair of them.

Kel isn't happy that Bernie reported him to the police (Credit: ITV)

Paul gathers the strength that he has built over the past few weeks after opening up to boyfriend Billy Mayhew and also fellow victim David Platt, and announces that he is determined to see Kel end up behind bars and is ready to make a statement to the police.

Billy is proud of his other half for facing his dark past, and he tells him he has booked an appointment for him to speak with a counsellor at a sexual abuse charity.

Paul opens up to counsellor Andy about his dark past with Kel (Credit: ITV)

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Despite this being something that a few weeks ago Paul would have run a mile from, he puts his nerves to one side and manages to open up to counsellor Andy at the session and tells him about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Kel.

Kel takes Bernie prisoner but Paul and Gemma save her (Credit: ITV)

As Andy assures Paul that he has done the hardest part in admitting what happened when he was younger, Paul knows his next step is to talk to the police and make a statement about Kel.

Feeling like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders, Paul is adamant that he will see Kel get the punishment he deserves.

Is this the turning point that will see Paul finally get justice for the years of abuse he has suffered?

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