Coronation Street SPOILERS: Johnny to die as he refuses to take his medication?

Johnny has Multiple sclerosis

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Johnny refuses to take his medication. Could this lead to his death?

Recently Johnny was diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome – a condition which has caused his vision to deteriorate.

The condition can also cause hallucinations and Johnny believes he has been seeing his late son Aidan, who died in 2018.

Johnny was diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome (Credit: ITV)

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In next week’s scenes, prison inmate Kai accuses Johnny of dealing drugs. However it’s just his MS medication.

Garry comes to Johnny’s side to back him up. But Kai doesn’t believe Johnny and is convinced he is stealing his drugs business.

Furious, Kai beats Johnny up.

Kai beats Johnny up (Credit: ITV)

Soon Jenny pays her husband a visit and is shocked to see the state he is in.

Coronation Street spoilers: Johnny to die as he refuses to take his medication?

Johnny admits that he’s stopped taking his pills because he doesn’t want his eyesight to improve as he won’t be able to see Aidan again. Jenny’s heart breaks for her husband.

She later tells Carla that Johnny has stopped taking his meds and she’s appalled, vowing to sort it. But Daisy reckons Johnny isn’t worth the energy.

Johnny tells Jenny he isn’t taking his medication (Credit: ITV)

Later, Neil, the guy who flirted with Jenny in the Bistro, calls into the Rovers and proceeds to flirt with her again and Jenny is flattered.

Daisy is pleased with herself. However Jenny is unimpressed to find out from Neil that Daisy set them up.

Jenny orders Daisy to apologise to Neil for leading him up the garden path and reminds her that whatever she thinks of Johnny, he is her husband and she loves him.

Jenny is worried about her husband. But will he accept her help? (Credit: ITV)

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Johnny soon rings his wife and admits he still hasn’t taken his medication.

Jenny implores him to take them for her sake, pointing out he could die if she doesn’t. But will he agree?

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