Coronation Street SPOILERS: Jade’s real identity revealed TONIGHT

Viewers have known for a while all wasn't quite right with her

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Jade Rowan has spent the past few months making herself at home with Fiz and Tyrone in Coronation Street.

A little too at home, some believe, with viewers suspicious ever since she arrived that she isn’t who she says she is.

With theories going wild on the internet, Corrie is set to confirm tonight (Wednesday November 27) exactly who Jade is – and what she wants with Fiz and Ty.

Jade has made herself at home on the cobbles (Credit: ITV)
Jade has made herself at home on the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

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In an interview with, Jade actress Lottie Henshall revealed: “The only thing I can say is that it’s killing me with excitement because it’s been such a long time for this big reveal.

“We’ve been waiting for so long so there’s that apprehension so while it’s really exciting, it’s quite nerve wracking as well to see what everyone will say about it.”

She also added that the wildest theory she’s had put to her is that Jade will have an affair with Fiz!

Does Jade fancy Fiz? (Credit: ITV)
Does Jade fancy Fiz? (Credit: ITV)

Lottie continued: “People are so sure about what it is – everyone has a theory.

“It’s nice to have that power to know what’s going on and no-one else is quite sure!”

So far, viewers have mused she is somehow related to John Stape or Kirsty Soames.

John was Fiz’s ex-husband – Hope’s real dad – who kidnapped Rosie Webster, turned killer, and died after a car accident.

There's definitely more to Jade than meets the eye (Credit: ITV)
There’s definitely more to Jade than meets the eye (Credit: ITV)

Fans have suggested Jade is related to him in some way, the most popular thinking is that she’s his sister.

Others believe she’s related to Ty’s ex, and mother to his daughter, Ruby, Kirsty.

While some just think she’s out to claim Fiz’s ‘perfect’ life and have an affair with Tyrone.

The teaching assistant moved in with the family to be Hope’s live-in tutor after Fiz and Hope returned from Birmingham, where they met Jade.

While Fiz was thrilled by Jade's arrival, Evelyn was not (Credit: ITV)
While Fiz was thrilled by Jade’s arrival, Evelyn was not (Credit: ITV)

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Hope was attending a special school there for children with behavioural problems, but returned with Fiz thinking she was doing better.

However it soon became clear Hope’s behaviour hadn’t improved after she started a fire at the factory.

Earlier this week, another fire was started in the Dobbs’ backyard, and Fiz believes Hope is to blame once again.

But viewers are convinced Jade started the blaze after seeing her with matches. Could she have been behind the factory fire too?

Just what is Jade’s game – who is she, and what does she want with Tyrone and Fiz?

Coronation Street is on tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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