Coronation Street SPOILERS: Is THIS what finally convinces Tim that Geoff is a lying monster?

Geoff is lying to everyone that Yasmeen abused him

Coronation Street actress Sally Dynevor, who plays Tim’s wife Sally Metcalfe, has hinted that he could turn against Geoff.

Tim so far has taken his father’s side after he was attacked by wife Yasmeen.

Geoff had actually subjected Yasmeen to months of abuse. The bullying escalated and last month, as Geoff threatened to kill the Speed Daal owner, she ended up stabbing him in self-defence.

Geoff is out of hospital and back home making out Yasmeen was the abuser, while she languishes in jail awaiting trial for attempted murder.

Geoff has abused Yasmeen for a long time (Credit: ITV)

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His son Tim truly believes his dad was the victim of abuse. However it’s becoming more and more clear that Sally is not convinced by her father-in-law’s story.

But could Tim start to change how he sees his dad after other popular Weatherfield residents start to reveal their suspicions.

As reported in the Metro, Sally said: “I think Eileen starts to say a few things. Sally has said things, but hearing them out of the family home and from someone else makes Tim start to think.

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Eileen doesn’t believe everything Geoff is saying (Credit: ITV)

“He’s not really listening to Sally, but listening to someone like Eileen, who is not part of it, makes him suddenly think.

She added: “Actually Tim is disgusted that his dad has had prostitutes. He can’t believe it and is as shocked as anyone.

“And when Yasmeen wore that red dress, when she came in The Rovers, that was all really odd when it didn’t properly fit her.

“So when Sally looks back, she can see that something wasn’t right and it all didn’t make sense.”

Next week’s Coronation Street: Tim’s suspicions start to grow?

Coronation Street Sally Geoff
Sally doesn’t trust Geoff either (Credit: ITV)

In next week’s episodes, Yasmeen tells Alya about some of the things Geoff did to her, including making her eat her own chicken and forcing her to constantly clean.

I think Eileen starts to say a few things.

Meanwhile, Sally tells Tim she isn’t sure of Geoff’s innocence and wants his dad to move out.

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Geoff is furious when he learns Yasmeen has pleaded not guilty and tells his son they need to show a united front.

But Sally is growing increasingly convinced that Geoff’s story doesn’t add up.

Will Tim start to see his dad’s true colours (Credit: ITV)

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Sally grows fed up of Geoff being at her and Tim’s home and forces Geoff to go back to No.6.

Tim feels bad but when Eileen says she isn’t sure about Geoff’s side of things, Tim starts to wonder about his dad’s protestation of innocence.

Is he finally starting to see Geoff for the abusive manipulator that he is?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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