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Coronation Street spoilers: Is Audrey Roberts a secret alcoholic?

The legend has been boozing again

Coronation Street spoilers reveal some devastating news for legendary character Audrey Roberts.

Her drinking looks set to spiral out of control with her family fearing she’s an alcoholic.

Audrey Roberts has been secretly boozing in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)
Audrey Roberts has been secretly boozing in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: What happens next week?

Next week Audrey’s family can’t help but notice that she seems to be hiding her drinking from them.

When Shona runs into her shopping, she clocks the clanking bottles in her bag – and immediately becomes worried.

Later when Gail arrives home she finds her mother drinking a glass of wine.

And when Sarah suggests Audrey’s been on the booze for a while, Audrey hits the roof.

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She rages that the family don’t trust her with anything any more.

Seeing how upset Audrey is, Shona decides to take action and sets her up with friend Rita.

However, when Rita spots Audrey’s bottles of wines, she surprises her pal by getting her to open them up.

Coronation Street: Is Audrey Roberts an alcoholic?

However, the warring pair are soon at each other’s throats again and have a vicious row.

Rita ends it with a barbed comment about Audrey’s daytime drinking.

Viewers will be left wondering if Audrey does have a problem.

Sue Nicholls doesn’t want Audrey to become an alcoholic

Actress Sue Nicholls previously revealed how she refused to let bosses turn Audrey into a lonely alcoholic.

“There was something pitched to me years ago that the storyline could be that Audrey was at home and going home drinking a lot – a bit true to life actually,” she said.

Coronation Street's Rita will confront Audrey over her boozing (Credit: ITV)
Coronation Street’s Rita will confront Audrey over her boozing (Credit: ITV)

“Gail and the family would ask if she was lonely. I said I didn’t agree,” Sue added.

“I asked: ‘Why do you think somebody, of whatever age I was, that just because she works in the salon and goes home that she’s lonely and needs to drink? Not necessarily.’

“To be honest I can’t get wait to get home and plonk on the sofa, and yes pour the rosé, but it’s not because I’m depressed it’s because: ‘How wonderful, they’re all gone!’

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“I tried to pitch it back to them that I didn’t want to play a drunk forlorn little thing.

“It is nice that they went the other way.”

But is that all set to change?

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