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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Is Aadi dead after the Alahans’ car explodes?

Is this the end for Aadi?

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Coronation Street left viewers on the edge of their seat tonight (Monday, October 18), but is Aadi dead after the car explosion?

In tonight’s scenes, the Alahan family set off to go on their holiday. However drove off they ended up getting caught up in the storm and got lost on a country road.

Soon Dev ended up driving over a tree branch and two tyres burst. He ended up calling Kevin for help.

But as they waited in the car in the rain for Dev to come along, a prison van came along with Harvey inside.

Harvey ended up getting out of his cell and attacked the officer driving.

Aadi was left in the car (Credit: ITV)

The van driver ended up crashing into the back of the Alahans’ stationary car.

Harvey then attacked Kevin and stole his truck, leaving them all injured.

Soon smoke began to seep into the Alahans’ car. As Aadi woke up, he realised his legs were stuck, meanwhile Asha was in the back.

Immediately Dev realised his daughter was unconscious and tried to free himself so he could help her.

However Aadi begged his dad to help him first so they could both get Asha out, but Dev went to the back and managed to get his daughter out, telling Aadi to “help himself.”

Dev pulled Asha out of the car (Credit: ITV)

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As he walked away with Asha in his arms, Aadi was still struggling to free his foot.

A few seconds later, Asha regained consciousness and Dev went back to help Aadi. But Dev and Asha watched in horror as the car exploded.

Is Aadi dead?

Coronation Street spoilers: What’s next for Asha and Dev?

Later this week the emergency services arrive at the crash site, but are they in time to save Aadi?

At the hospital, Dev waits for news. Soon he’s waiting at Aadi’s bedside, willing him to wake up.

Dev is left struggling with his guilt over the accident, but will Aadi ever wake up?

Jimmi Harkishin explains Dev’s decision

Explaining Dev’s decision to rescue Asha and not Aadi, Jimmi Harkisin, who plays Dev, said: “Dev is unconscious and when he wakes up he realises he realises they have been hit from behind.

“He is choking and there is smoke in the car, it’s dark, all the lights are off and Dev has had the wind knocked out of him.

“Aadi is trapped in the front of the car but he is lucid and talking whereas Asha is unconscious.

Asha was unconscious in the back seat after the crash (Credit: ITV)

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“It’s a knee-jerk reaction from Dev – who do you try and get to safety? His daughter isn’t talking, she is not responding and I really do think that is the only thing that Dev could have done.

“It wasn’t a question of choice or favouritism, it was who needed his help more at the time. He had to pull her out and he was going to come straight back for his son then the car explodes.”

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