Coronation Street SPOILERS: Grace drops a huge bombshell on Michael

Grace has some news for Michael

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal Grace drops a huge bombshell on Michael. Is everything about to change?

A couple of weeks ago, Michael was devastated to learn Tianna, who he believed was his daughter, wasn’t his child. It was revealed Grace was her nanny and the baby was actually her best friend’s child.

After the shocking revelation, a devastated Michael turned his girlfriend into the police for fraud and she was arrested. However she didn’t have a chance to tell him that she is pregnant.

Grace tells Michael she’s pregnant (Credit: ITV)

In next week’s scenes, Michael’s mum Aggie heads off to work. Realising his mum has left her phone behind, Michael goes to the hospital to return it to her.

However Michael is shocked to see Grace there being led in flanked by two prison officers.

Grace spots Michael and shouts over to him that she’s pregnant.

Michael tells James the news (Credit: ITV)

Shocked, Michael confides in James that Grace is pregnant. But James warns his brother to steer well away from Grace as she could be lying.

Later, Michael stares at a letter he’s received from Grace. It comes with a copy of her baby scan.

Michael receives a copy of Grace’s baby scan (Credit: ITV)

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Grace soon calls Michael from prison and points out that their baby deserves a father. She begs him to come and visit her.

Michael decides to go and pay Grace a visit. What will she have to say to him?

Coronation Street: What happened between Michael and Grace?

Before their time on Coronation Street, Michael and Grace were together and she fell pregnant with his child.

Whilst she was excited, he panicked and left. However he soon came back, but Grace was adamant she wanted him to have no involvement with their child.

Grace was pregnant with Michael’s baby but had a miscarriage (Credit: ITV)

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Some time later, Michael saw Grace in a car park with little Tianna and immediately believed her to be his daughter.

However Grace allowed him to believe this instead of telling him the truth – she suffered a miscarriage and Tianna is her friend’s baby.

After finding out the truth, Grace tried to explain herself and tell Michael she’s pregnant. However he reported her to the police.

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