Coronation Street SPOILERS: Geoff’s abusive past with Tim’s mum revealed

Could Geoff lose Tim's support?

Coronation Street is set to reveal that Geoff Metcalfe has been abusive before as his son Tim starts to realise who his dad really is.

Geoff is currently in hospital after his wife Yasmeen fought back when he threatened to kill her.

Yasmeen is behind bars for the attack, having been refused bail even though lawyer Imran fought to prove it was self-defence.

Geoff is in hospital after Yasmeen fought back in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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Show boss Iain MacLeod has previously confirmed we can expect this storyline to run until the end of the year and now he’s revealed more details of what’s to come.

It would be highly unlikely that Geoff had never committed these behaviours previously.

Tim to discover the truth about his mum and Geoff in Coronation Street?

At the moment, Geoff’s son Tim has been brainwashed by his dad into believing he’s the innocent party.

Tim is resolute that Yasmeen is an alcoholic who lashed out and hurt Geoff without motive. Tim’s wife, Sally, however, has a flicker of doubt about Geoff’s story.

Sally is set to be key to saving Yasmeen, but could Tim’s opinion be changed when he finds out what really happened to his own mother, Tess?

Sally and Tim could both play a role in Geoff’s downfall (Credit: ITV)

We know little about Tess right now, but Iain told press at a recent event: “It would be highly unlikely that Geoff had never committed these behaviours previously.

“What we have discovered from our research is that perpetrators have a cyclical pattern of behaviour. They lure someone in with lovebombing and grand gestures and that gradually gives way over time.

“They then move on to someone else so it’s right we look back at Geoff’s previous relationships and see he has done this before.

“We will really explore Geoff and Tim’s backstory. It’s a good opportunity to find out about Tim’s family background. Lots of family saga stuff to come.

“Tim has been gaslighted since birth so he and Sally are on separate sides and there are tensions that are created as they have polar opposite views.”

What do we know about Geoff’s first wife, Tess?

Tim will want answers about his mum (Credit: ITV)

Tess was Geoff’s magician’s assistant and they married after she fell pregnant with Tim, who was born in January 1972.

The couple divorced, and Geoff has previously hinted she may have been violent and abusive. But knowing what we do now, it’s unlikely this was the case.

Ian Bartholomew, who plays Geoff, has previously explained: “On the face of it it’s very straightforward but I think because he has kept the details of the relationship with Tim’s mother as his own version, it has been airbrushed and is always from Geoff’s point of view.”

“Tim only knows his mother from Geoff’s point of view. There is a whole wealth of stuff to explore.”

So as the scales drop from Tim’s eyes, could he end up being the key to Yasmeen’s freedom? And how will he react if he finds out what really happened to his mother?

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