Coronation Street SPOILERS: Gemma locks her babies in the house

Bernie is desperate to help Gemma!

Gemma finds herself in a pickle when she locks herself out of her house in next week’s Coronation Street.

Gemma finds herself having a terrible dream where she ends up hurting her son Aled.

Rushing downstairs in a panic, she’s relieved to find Chesney feeding Aled, but deeply unnerved to think she might harm one of her babies.

Later a health visitor comes by and tells Gemma that Llio has lost weight and she should increase her formula milk, leaving Gemma even more shaken.

Gemma is unnerved to think she would harm one of her kids (Credit: ITV)

The health visitor soon quizzes Gemma on her state of mind but Gemma insists she’s doing well. As Julie leaves, poor Gemma struggles to fight back her tears.

As the babies’ crying escalates Gemma feels overwhelmed and heads out to the yard to calm herself down. But as the door shuts, Gemma realises with horror she’s accidentally locked herself out, leaving her crying kids inside.

As the tots continue to cry, a panicked Gemma desperately tries to break down the door.

Arriving with Mother’s Day balloons, Bernie is shocked to find Gemma in such a distressed state.

Gemma accidentally locks herself out of the house (Credit: ITV)

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After forcing down the door, Bernie assures her daughter that all the babies are fine but Gemma breaks down into floods of tears branding herself an unfit mum.

Gemma admits she’s worn out but is too afraid to sleep. Bernie inists she’ll move in with Gemma and Chesney, on the condition Gemma sees a doctor.

The struggling mum agrees but makes Bernie promise not to tell Chesney.

Coronation Street filming is being suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak
Bernie makes Gemma see a doctor (Credit: ITV Hub)

When the kebab shop worker returns home, he’s is put out to find Bernie has moved back in.

The next day, Gemma tries to wriggle out of seeing the doctor, but she’s soon convinced when Bernie threatens to tell Chesney the truth.

Bernie explains to Dr Gaddas that Gemma is not sleeping but Gemma is quick to play down her depression and assures Dr Gaddas she’s just overly tried.

Gemma plays down how she’s really feeling (Credit: ITV)

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Knowing Gemma isn’t being honest, Bernie is frustrated by her daughter’s refusal to accept help.

She berates Gemma for not telling the doctor about her postnatal depression but when Chesney comes home, he wants to know what they’re rowing about.

Will Bernie tell him the truth?

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