Coronation Street SPOILERS: Gemma puts the quads in danger

Gemma's close to breaking point

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There is drama heading for Coronation Street’s Gemma Winter next week when she walks into the path of a speeding car with the quads in their pushchair.

It’s no surprise that new mum Gemma has been struggling to cope with looking after four newborn babies, but when her mum Bernie Winter arrives back on the cobbles next week, she is shocked to see just how desperately Gemma needs help.

Bernie is back in Weatherfield to help Gemma (Credit: ITV)

Bernie is concerned when she sees the state of Gemma’s house, and despite Gemma insisting she’s fine, Bernie knows otherwise and tidies the house.

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With Gemma stressed and tense as she watches over her babies, Bernie realises she needs a break and suggests they ask Paul and Billy to babysit the quads while they head out for some tea.

Bernie tries to make Gemma see that she needs help, but Gemma insists she is fine (Credit: ITV)

However, Gemma is horrified at the idea of leaving the babies, and insists that she would rather stay in.

But things only get worse later in the week when Gemma introduces her mum to Imogen and Vanessa at the baby senses class, and they clearly take an instant dislike to Bernie.

When later Gemma suggests that they all meet up, the mean mums make excuses. But later on Gemma realises they have lied to her and she is distraught.

Gemma introduces Bernie to her new friends (Credit: ITV)

Bernie tears strips off the pair before begging Gemma to realise that she needs help, but her words fall on deaf ears and Gemma maintains that she is fine.

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At baby yoga Vanessa apologises to Gemma about the ‘misunderstanding’ the previous day and they all head out for lunch together.

But Vanessa and Imogen think it is funny to ply Gemma with Prosecco.

Gemma is upset after hearing her friends talking about her, and she walks into the path of a car (Credit: ITV)

When Gemma then overhears the pair being mean about her, she grabs the buggy and rushes out… walking straight into the path of a speeding car.

Gemma is horrified that she has put her babies in danger and breaks down, telling Bernie that she feels like a bad mum.

Realising that her daughter hasn’t slept in weeks and is struggling to cope as she worries about the quads non-stop, Bernie begs Gemma to talk to Chesney, but she refuses.

Gemma is mortified after putting the quads in danger and breaks down (Credit: ITV)

Once alone, Gemma breaks down and sobs her heart out.

Can Bernie get her to accept the help she so desperately needs?

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