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Coronation Street spoilers: Gary confesses to the police?

But where will that leave Kelly?

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Gary Windass’s conscience could force him to make a confession to the police, Coronation Street spoilers suggest.

After finding out on her phone that the police are looking for a body at the football club’s new training ground, Kelly hopes her dad is alive.

But she’s left devastated when DS Beckett confirms that it’s Rick‘s body, they’ve found.

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Gary and Maria mask their guilt and Kelly breaks down, totally bereft.

Later, Kelly confesses to Maria that she feels both her parents let her down.

Corrie Kelly is upset to hear they've found Rick's body and Maria and Gary mask their panic
Kelly is devastated to hear Rick’s body has been found (Credit: ITV)

Kelly confides in Maria

She confides in Maria that she’s so pleased to have her and Gary in her life.

But Gary’s conscience is eating away at him and he tells Maria he can’t take it anymore.

He reveals to her his plans to go to the police and confess to Rick’s murder.

Horrified, Maria tells him he must rethink.

She points out that it would totally destroy Kelly if she knew the truth.

Maria begs him to reconsider, saying that not only would it destroy their family, but it would ruin Kelly’s life too.

What will Gary do?

Gary tells Maria he's going to confess to Rick's murder in Coronation Street spoilers
Gary tells Maria he’s going to confess (credit: ITV)

Will Maria be able to stop Gary?

Viewers know that Kelly’s terminally ill mum, Laura, has confessed to the police that she killed Rick.

She made the admission on Friday (March 25) after Gary told her that he’d murdered bully Rick.

But Laura, knowing that she’s dying anyway, decided to confess to the crime to keep Kelly’s new family unit in one piece.

The guilt of letting Kelly think both her parents let her down when they actually didn’t will play on Gary’s conscience.

Will Maria be able to convince him to keep quiet?

Fans predicted that Gary would pin the crime on Laura after discovering she has cancer.

Coronation Street Will Gary admit he murdered Rick to Laura?
Gary told Laura that he murdered Rick (credit: ITV)

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But they weren’t prepared for the twist that Laura would confess to the crime herself.

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