Coronation Street SPOILERS: Gail’s discovery of secret relative reignites her feud with Eileen

Eileen isn't impressed

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Gail discovers she is related to George Shuttleworth, but this reignites her feud with Eileen.

In next week’s scenes Gail retrieves a box of family photos from the factory. A loose photo ends up fluttering to the floor and Gail picks it up, bemused to see a picture of a woman called Fanny.

Gail becomes determined to find out who Fanny was and begins looking through a genealogy website.

Coronation Street: Gail finds out she’s related to George

Later, Gail confides in Nick that she’s traced Fanny from the photo and it turns out she is her great great grandmother.

Gail finds out she is Fanny’s great great granddaughter (Credit: ITV)

She also reveals that she’s planned to meet with someone called Top Hat who also claims Fanny is their great great grandmother.

Gail joins Audrey in the Rovers, who’s delighted to be having a drink with Archie’s son George. But Gail is stunned to discover that George is none other than Top Hat.

Gail and George sit down and chat. They are thrilled to discover that they share a set of great great grandparents, Fanny and Augustus Page.

George wonders what he’s got himself involved in (Credit: ITV)

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Mary and Eileen decide to call in at the pub. But they’re both unimpressed to find George fawning over Gail.

Soon Eileen and Gail’s feud is reignited and the two women embark on a slanging match. George wonders what he’s got himself into.

Coronation Street: Will David get No.8 back?

Meanwhile Debbie tells Sally and David that the development is cancelled and their houses are safe. She says she’ll sell No.8 back to David at the original price. But where is Ray?

But soon David admits to Shona that buying the house back isn’t as easy as it sounds as he spent the money paying off the mortgage and now they’ll need another one.

Will David be able to buy No.8 back? (Credit: ITV)

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When Tracy overhears this her ears prick up. Cornering Debbie, she reveals that David can’t afford to buy back No.8 so she’d like to buy it instead.

Debbie assures David he gets first refusal but she wants the sale done quick.

David masks his panic. Will he be able to buy the house back?

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