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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Gail tells Nick to let Oliver Battersby die

Oliver has no chance of living

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Coronation Street’s Gail Platt is going to beg son Nick to let his stepson Oliver Battersby die.

The receptionist becomes concerned when she hears that 10 specialists in Oliver’s condition have said there is no hope for him to ever have quality of life again.

Nick is appalled at Gail asking him to let Oliver Battersby die (Credit: ITV)

And when she sees Oliver in the hospital, it brings to home how devastating his condition is.

Choosing her moment Gail, waits until Nick is without Leanne and begs him to convince Leanne to let Oliver die with dignity.

However Nick insists he can’t – or he would lose both Leanne and Oliver.

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Gail understands but asks him to do what’s best for Oliver and it ends in the pair rowing.

And when Nick slams the door, furious with his mother, he’s shocked when Leanne and Steve emerge from Oliver’s room overjoyed.

They claimed Oliver reacted to the door being slammed and it’s proof he can hear.

Later, Dr Howarth explains that Oliver’s response to the door was just an involuntary reflex, leaving Leanne furious.

Nick suggests that from now on they note down all of Oliver’s responses in the hope it will prove to doctors he’s not a lost cause.

Oliver is unresponsive in hospital (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans desperate for Oliver Battersby’s storyline to end

Coronation Street fans are desperate for the storyline to end, though.

One said: “I’m not callous in real life, but the Leanne and Oliver storyline has gone on too long. #CoronationStreet.”

A second said: “The less we see of him the less invested I am in Oliver to be honest. Can’t we move on please. #corrie Sean’s kid looks like she could be fun. #CoronationStreet.”

Another said they “can’t wait” for the story to be over, while someone else said they are finding Leanne “unbearable”.

Ben says he and Jane struggle with the emotional scenes (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street actors struggle to cope with Oliver Battersby storyline

Actor Ben Price revealed the harrowing scenes have taken their toll on him and co-star Jane Danson.

“Jane has been fantastic. She’s super solid, we’re very supportive of each other but when you’re in it you’re in it,” he said.

“We’re both old enough to know what comes with these types of big storylines, but we’re also lucky enough to go back to our own families where this is not our life, and that’s important.

He continued: “When we’re in work we give it 100 per cent, but when we step out you have to try not to take it home. There are days when we’ve cried a lot and you can’t stop crying but that’s what we’re paid to do. Jane has done an amazing job. It’s important to get this story right.

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“Jane and I are both aware that this is someone’s story. This is someone’s life and that’s why we’re giving it everything we can.

“No one takes it lightly. You have to find the balance of keeping that in the back of your head but also be aware that you’re playing it and not let the whole weight fall on you.

“This will continue to play out for quite a while, especially for Leanne.”

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