Coronation Street SPOILERS: Fiz goes to prison for firearm possession?

Could this jeopardise her chances of getting Hope back?

Fiz Stape is having a horrible time in Coronation Street and it’s set to get even worse next week when she faces court charged with firearm possession without a licence.

Poor Fiz had no idea the gun she found in a house clearance just before Christmas would lead to so much trouble and, after lying to the police initially, decides it’s time to tell the truth.

She goes back to the cops and reveals she unwittingly bought the weapon and when it disappeared she panicked.

After Derek Milligan stole the gun and ended up shooting Robert Preston and Shona Platt before dying himself, Fiz and her boss Gary Windass had decided to lie to the police that they knew nothing about the weapon.

Derek shot Robert and Shona (Credit: ITV)

But now she’s come clean, it does nothing to help Fiz’s battle to get her kids back home.

Viewers know nanny Jade has lied to social services that Fiz has been abusing daughter Hope and both Hope, and Tyrone’s daughter Ruby, have been taken into care while investigations continue.

Next week the girls are allowed to return home – but only if Fiz moves out.

The girls can move home if Fiz moves out (Credit: ITV)

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Fiz agrees to go to a B&B, but her living arrangements are the last thing on her mind when she appears in court later in the week.

The family gather to support her as she takes to the stand and admits to possessing a firearm without a licence. Is she about to go to jail?

Fortunately, the judge appears lenient and gives her a four month sentence, suspended for two years, and a £500 fine.

Fiz is relieved she can leave a free woman, but when she apologises to David for the trouble she’s caused, he flies off the handle.

Fiz appears in Court (Credit: ITV)

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He points out Shona’s in a coma because of her and Fiz feels awful.

But she can’t even go home to the comfort of her family and she’s forced to return to the B&B alone.

Meanwhile, back home, Tyrone is desperate for Hope to tell the truth so Mummy can come home.

But with Hope remaining silent, and Jade turning up at every opportunity, it looks like Fiz has a long and lonely fight ahead.

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