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Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for June 6-10

Summer lies to save herself

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Summer lets Aadi take the fall for her cheating.

Will she come clean?

Meanwhile in the ITV soap, George is not happy with Sean’s new man, and Jenny’s got a problem with her fella.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

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1. Summer cracks under pressure

Corrie Aadi gives Summer revision cards as they talk on the sofa

Summer doesn’t know whether or not to sit her last exam.

Aadi tries to encourage her by giving her a set of homemade revision cards to help.

Summer Spellman and her teach look on in horror as Aadi is accused of cheating in Coronation Street

Summer smuggles the cards into her exam, but panics when the invigilator heads over.

She pretends she needs to test her sugar levels, but drops the cards.

Coronation Street the teacher is angry as she shows the revision cards and accuses innocent Aadi of cheating

The invigilator finds them and recognises the handwriting as Aadi’s.

As Aadi is bundled out of the hall, will Summer come clean?

2. Aadi protects Summer?

Coronation Street Dev and Asha want Aadi to tell the truth when he and Summer are called for a meeting at school

Dev is sure Aadi is lying to cover for Summer.

He begs his son to tell the truth when they are called for a meeting at the school.

Coronation Street Summer looks worried during her meeting with Mrs Crawshaw

As Summer is also called into Mrs Crawshaw’s office, will she tell the truth and save Aadi?

Or will she keep up her lie and let Aadi take the fall?

3. Jenny brews up trouble

Corrie Jenny and Daisy look uncomfortable behind the bar after tasting Leo's bad home brew

Leo is enjoying making home brew in the cellar.

Jenny sees his enthusiasm and offers to put it on the menu as guest ale.

Corrie Jenny and Daisy look uncomfortable behind the bar after tasting Leo's bad home brew

However, when she and Daisy sample it they’re horrified to realise it tastes disgusting.

Jenny and Daisy are awkward, but will they come clean to Leo?

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4. What is Frank’s secret?

Coronation Street George forces a smile as he meets Frank who he knows from school

Sean introduces Frank to George as his new boyfriend.

But George is clearly flustered as he recognises Frank from school.

Coronation Street Frank and George agree to bury the hatcheta

Frank later apologises to George for any past upset between them.

He insists George and Eileen join him and Sean for dinner to bury the hatchet properly.

5. David and Maria have a mix-up

Maria and David are both horrified to realise they've both booked the same day off

Maria and David have both booked the day off and there’s no one to cover at the barbers.

It’s clear Maria can’t juggle her job and her council duties.

6. Brian disappoints Cathy

Corrie Cathy forces a smile when Brian brings her to the Rovers for her birthday but it's clear she's not impressed

Cathy is excited as she glams up for date night with Brian.

But she’s disappointed to realise he’s only taking her beer tasting at the local pub.

7. Max makes his move

Coronation Street Max is pleased when schoolfriend Sonya agrees to a date

Max helps his school friend Sonya with her homework and is thrilled when she agrees to a date.

David and Shona are amused when Max cooks them a meal to test before giving it to Sonya.

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