Coronation Street first look week 26

Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for June 27-July 1

Peter hits out and Spider returns!

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Peter is still struggling with his temper over Mr Thorne. Will it get him in more trouble?

Elsewhere in Corrie Spider Nugent returns!

And, Maria is still under attack.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

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1. Peter can’t let it lie

Corrie Simon has tough words for Peter

Simon tells Peter Mr Thorne’s offer of £100k is a life-changing sum of money.

Peter is left with food for thought and starts to waver.

Coronation Street Peter threatens Mr Thorne against his car

However, after another encounter with Mr Thorne, Peter can’t contain his rage any more.

He lashes out.

Coronation Street Peter threatens Mr Thorne against his car

Adam is forced to intervene as Peter smashes Thorne’s car window and grabs him by the collar.

But has Peter got himself in even more trouble?

2. Peter bonds with Nicky

Corrie Peter is stunned when Nicky gets in his cab at the police station

Peter later goes to the police station to pick up a fare and is surprised to see Nicky.

They bond over their mutual hatred of authority treating the little guy badly.

3. An old face returns

Coronation Street defiant Toyah gets into the bin lorry

Toyah mounts a protest against waste incineration to distract herself.

But she takes it too far when she gets into the cab of the bin lorry.

Coronation Street Spider gets into the bin lorry beside shocked Toyah

She’s stunned when her ex-boyfriend Spider gets in beside her.

As they catch up, she fills him in on Imran’s death.

Coronation Street Spider gets into the bin lorry beside shocked Toyah

Grateful for a familiar face and a friend, she invites him to stay with her.

But is she inviting in more trouble?

4. Maria under threat

Coronation Street Maria is upset to see another viral fake video of her

Maria finds out another viral video is going round of her.

Gary is fuming and Maria wants to go to the police.

Smiling Maria hosts a press conference in Coronation Street

Maria refuses to hide away and hosts a press conference.

She’s heckled by Jimmy, the refuse team leader.

Coronation Street Gary furious points a finger at Jimmy

Gary assumes Jimmy is behind the online abuse.

Pinning him against a wall, Gary makes aggressive threats, but has he just made things worse?

Maria Connor takes a family selfie at Liam's Star Trek-themed party

Maria is still running scared when she orders Gary not to share a family selfie for fear of abuse.

She’s devastated this is controlling her life so much, but will she quit the council?

5. Will Audrey forgive Gail?

Corrie Stephen and Gail put on a united front for Audrey

Stephen insists Gail and Audrey make up or he’ll be on the first plane home.

Audrey is resolute, but will she budge and forgive her daughter?

6. Frank exposed?

Corrie Sean is worried as he finishes with Frank

Todd has a plan to expose bully Frank, but will it work?

George finally explains to Sean that Frank made his life hell and Sean finishes with him.

Coronation Street Frank is annoyed when Sean finishes with him

Frank insists he’s changed, but will Sean give him another chance?

7. Mimi causes trouble

Coronation Street concerned Fiz watches on as Evelyn and Mimi square up

Fiz is forced to let Mimi stay, but things get difficult when Cerberus trips her up.

Mimi suffers a sprained hip and it’s clear Mimi and Evelyn living together isn’t going to work!

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