Coronation Street SPOILERS: First Look at next week’s episodes in 10 pictures

Geoff's up to his old tricks from beyond the grave

Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Yasmeen in big trouble thanks to Geoff, while Lucas’s return causes trouble for Peter and Carla once again.

Also, Simon lands Sam in grave danger while on a job with Jacob.

All this and more in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

1. Geoff’s revenge from beyond the grave 

Alya is horrified when she finds some unopened final demand letters.

As she reads them it becomes clear that Yasmeen is drowning in debt because of Geoff.

Sickened that Geoff is still making her life a misery, Yasmeen decides to sell her jewellery.

But soon her problems get worse when bailiffs arrive on the doorstep.

Alya is desperate to make them see that Yasmeen isn’t responsible for the debts.

Things don’t get any better when they meet with the bank manager.

Because Yasmeen signed the paper work, the debts are hers regardless of Geoff’s involvement.

And there are more surprises when Geoff’s will is read.

Tim gets the shock of his life when he discovers what his dad has left to him… but what will it be?

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2. Carla breaks Peter’s heart 

Lucas is back, but promises Carla that his intentions are honourable.

However, as the old friends chat they have no idea Peter is listening from the doorway.

Peter is heartbroken by what he hears and dashes off, unseen.

Carla gets ready for a meeting in Harrogate, but Jenny persuades her to come round for a drink.

Carla sends Sarah to the meeting instead, but when Peter calls she lies that she is in Harrogate.

Jealous Peter accuses Carla of spending the night with Lucas, but Carla promises it’s him she loves.

Lucas tells Carla that Sarah’s pitch was successful and they’ll now be working together.

Does this new business venture spell trouble for Carla and Peter’s relationship?

3. Eileen’s driven to despair 

Steve and Tim argue over who is going to drive the hearse for Ted’s funeral.

But Steve’s hearse driving leaves George on edge, while Tim bottles it and quits on the spot.

Eileen offers to drive, desperate to impress George.

But things don’t go to plan, leaving George fuming and Eileen devastated.

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4. Leanne’s fresh heartache 

Toyah is worried when Leanne reveals she’s invited a medium over.

Jeremy the psychic arrives and makes out he is in contact with Oliver.

Toyah’s heart breaks for Leanne when she sees how desperately she’s missing Oliver.

But soon Leanne realises she is being conned by Jeremy and throws him out.

After seeing Simon smoking spliffs, Toyah suggests Leanne needs to keep an eye on him.

But will Leanne listen to Toyah’s advice?

5. Simon leads Sam into danger 

Jacob is still putting pressure on Simon and suggests he tries some of the drugs he’s selling.

But things turn nasty when Jacob turns up with a job for Simon while he’s with Sam.

Ditching his bike ride with Sam, Simon heads off with Jacob.

Sam follows and soon witnesses an assault before cycling off with Simon’s bag, not realising there is cocaine inside.

Has Simon put Sam in grave danger?

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