Coronation Street SPOILERS: First Look at next week’s episodes in 10 pictures

Ray is missing - has Debbie killed him?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Ray go missing under suspicious circumstances… but has Debbie bumped him off?

Also, Peter begs Carla for another chance, and Gail unearths a shock family secret.

All this and more in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

1. Debbie murders Ray?

As the chairperson at the planning committee is arrested for bribery, Ray’s nowhere to be seen.

Debbie swears she didn’t know about the bribery or Ray’s sexual assault on Faye.

But as details of Abi’s drama with Ray are revealed, Debbie tries to distance herself.

Sally reveals the planning committee have revoked Ray’s application.

The residents are thrilled they’ve won the battle and their houses are safe.

Debbie tells Sally and David the housing development is cancelled.

She agrees to sell number 8 back to David at the original price.

But the walls are closing in on Debbie when the police question her.

They’ve traced the emergency call for Abi back to Debbie’s phone and want an explanation.

Debbie lies that she found Abi unconscious and thought she’d overdosed.

But where is Ray and has Debbie killed him?

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2. Peter and Carla reunite? 

With Peter still drinking Adam follows him as he heads out for more alcohol.

Later drunk Peter is sweating and shaking as he writes a letter to Simon.

Carla’s shocked when Peter says he forgives her for sleeping with Adam.

But she’s soon horrified when she finds him writing a suicide letter.

Despite Carla begging Peter to stop drinking, he heads out to a hotel bar.

Ken finds him drunk, and soon Peter is lashing out at his dad.

Ashamed of his actions, Peter admits he wants to stop drinking but he doesn’t know how.

Peter has a seizure and Ken calls an ambulance.

Doctors advise Peter to gradually reduce his alcohol intake rather than going cold turkey.

Meanwhile, Carla meets up with an old flame called Lucas.

Carla plans to leave Weatherfield for a weekend away with Lucas.

Roy urges Peter to make amends with Carla before it’s too late.

Peter begs Carla not to leave, but will she listen?

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3. War for Grace and Aggie 

When Michael’s back is turned, Aggie gives Grace her marching orders.

Micheal’s fuming and tells Aggie that Grace is moving in whether she likes it or not.

But how long will Grace and Aggie be able to stand living under the same roof?

4. Gail’s shock discovery

Gail finds some old family photos and is bemused to find a picture of someone called Fanny.

She researches her family tree and discovers Fanny is her great great grandmother.

In a surprise twist Fanny also turns out to be George Shuttleworth’s great great grandmother, too.

Eileen and Mary are jealous to see George and Gail in the pub and soon Gail and Eileen’s old feud is reignited.

Corrie airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV.

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