Coronation Street SPOILERS: Ed reveals racist abuse he’s suffered

Don continues to make racist remarks at the builder

In tonight’s Coronation Street, Ed reveals to his son Michael just how much racist abuse he has received in his life.

Over the last few months, Ed and Michael have been working on the Bistro trying to get it ready for the reopening. But in last week’s episodes, the new manager Don stepped in and immediately made it clear he didn’t like them.

As well as telling them their work isn’t good enough, he has made racist remarks towards the builders. While Michael wants to do something about it, Ed has been trying to ignore it to avoid trouble.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, Ed is working in the Bistro and Michael stops in on his day off with his daughter Tianna.

As they talk about Ed’s other son James, Don butts into the conversation and makes racist remarks.

When Michael asks why he doesn’t stand up to Don, Ed says starting a fight would result in him getting fired and not getting paid.

However Michael isn’t happy with his dad’s answer and has a go at him for not defending himself.

But Ed tells his son about the abuse he has received in his life.

Ed reveals he has suffered a lot of racist abuse (Credit: ITV)

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He shows him a scar and says a white gang broke his arm and shoulder. He also received cracked ribs in 1980 and was hospitalised in 1982 and 1983.

Ed admitted he fought back but “didn’t have enough form.” He says he’s received broken bones, cuts and bruises for standing up for himself.

Standing up to Don

Later in the episode at the Bistro reopening, Don continues his vile behaviour in front of the Bailey family.

But Ed finally has enough and challenges him.

As the room falls silent, the builder tells people how he’s suffered racist abuse all of his life but he won’t ever give up the fight to stop it.

Back at home, Michael assures his little girl there’s no place in the world for racism. He says he’ll do everything he can to make the world a better place for her.

Ed stands up to Don (Credit: ITV)

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In the Rovers, Dev shares his own experience at the hands of racists.

Meanwhile, James is convinced his only option is to quit football, fearing people will never accept him for who he is.

Aggie tells Ed she’s proud of him for standing up to Don. However she wishes she could be proud of him for how he is with James too.

At No.3 Ed issues an apology to James and assures him he couldn’t be prouder. Are things starting to look up for the father and son?

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