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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Debbie Webster is a secret villain, confirms Sue Devaney

The actress has revealed how scheming Debbie really is

Coronation Street character Debbie Webster IS a secret villain, Sue Devaney has revealed.

The actress plays businesswoman Debbie in the ITV soap and she has confirmed that her scheming side is nefarious.

Fans have recently become convinced that Debbie is actually villain Ray Crosby’s secret business partner.

And now Sue has dropped the biggest hint yet that they’re correct.

So it tuns out that Debbie Webster is a secret villain (Credit: ITV)

What did Sue say about her Coronation Street character Debbie Webster?

Sue opened up about Debbie’s secret scheming side – and the bombshell secret coming this week.

“Debbie has got something up her sleeve and all will be revealed this week,” she said.

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She added: “Debbie is making herself at home and she knows how to press people’s buttons.

“Debbie is very good at finding people’s Achilles heel and then she goes for the jugular.

“She finds people’s weakness and she plays on it so she can manipulate people.

Debbie has already proved she’s no pushover (Credit: ITV)

“There’s a lot more to be seen before we get to the bottom of Debbie Webster!”

Corrie bosses recently revealed how villain Ray Crosby isn’t working alone in his scheme to destroy the cobbles.

Debbie has got something up her sleeve and all will be revealed this week. Debbie is very good at finding people’s Achilles heel and then she goes for the jugular.

The storyline will be at the centre of next month’s 60th anniversary episodes.

Ray will roll in the bulldozers to redevelop the cobbles with the help of his insider – but is it Debbie?

Ray is secretly plotting to destroy the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans convinced Debbie Webster is Ray’s secret ally

Fans are certainly convinced it is.

They have pointed out she is a property developer in Turkey and hasn’t revealed what her job is in Weatherfield.

One said: “Debbie’s reappearance in Weatherfield has got me thinking about the actual reason for her return to the area.

“From her time in Turkey, we know that she’s worked in property and has made quite a success of her life. Is it a mere coincidence that Ray is planning a major redevelopment overhaul on the Street?

“We know that she has some business to attend to when she’s back but that’s all we know.

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“It’s already been spoiled that Ray has an ally on the Street, so could it actually be Debbie and not Scott like we originally thought?”

“I think I may have worked out who is secretly helping #Ray on #Corrie if my suspicions are correct, I’m putting it out here before it happens.

“I think it’s #Kevins sister #Debbie #JustSaying” said another.

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