Coronation Street SPOILERS: Daniel proposes to Bethany – with Sinead’s wedding ring!

Will she say yes?

Daniel and Bethany were warned to put the brakes on their relationship as family members felt it was too soon after Sinead’s death.

But they are showing no signs of slowing down and, as next week’s Coronation Street begins, Daniel is determined to make his point by packing up all of Sinead’s belongings and leaving them on Beth’s doorstep.

Meanwhile, Sarah, who is worried sick about Bethany, is still arguing with her daughter on her wedding day!

There’s good reason for the bride to worry, too, as Daniel is about the make the ultimate commitment to her daughter by proposing.

And, worse still, he does it with his late wife’s ring!

Adam and Sarah’s wedding goes off without a hitch, but a grey cloud soon descends when Beth decides to tear a piece out of Bethany.

She accuses Daniel’s new lover of airbrushing Sinead out of everyone’s lives. Ouch.

Even Craig issues a warning, albeit a lot more gently, telling Bethany that Daniel is a car crash just waiting to happen.

Daniel Bethany Coronation street
Daniel can’t keep his eyes off Bethany at the wedding (Credit: ITV)

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And, when Daniel gets up to do his best man’s speech, words in a famous letter he is reading from appear to hit him hard in the feels, as he breaks down in tears.

In that moment, Bethany’s mum’s words that he is still in love with Sinead start ringing in her ears.

Later, Bethany is downcast and Sarah once again tries to get her to understand that Daniel has not really moved on.

Meanwhile, Adam tries to talk some sense into Daniel, who is drowning his sorrows in the Rovers.

Suddenly he declares that he’s going to prove his love to Bethany by asking her to marry him!

Before Adam can talk any sense into him, Daniel is on the street and shouting up to the salon window.

Daniel Coronation Street
Daniel prepares to pop the question (Credit: ITV)

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Sarah and Bethany appear, as Daniel drops down on one knee, pulls out Sinead’s wedding ring – WTA?? – and pops the question.

Bethany is overcome, and with everyone telling her what a bad idea her relationship with Daniel is, she decides it’s time to get away.

The big question is: will she go alone, or will she leave with the man she loves and the baby son from his only recently deceased wife?

Oh dear, we fear there is only heartache ahead for both these vulnerable young uns!

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