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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Daniel Osbourne ATTACKS Max Turner 

The teacher risks everything

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne is going to attack Max Turner next week.

The newly qualified teacher will clash the recently recast rebel over a stolen wallet – putting Daniel’s entire career on the line.

Max Turner is spiralling out of control (Credit: ITV)

Viewers have seen Max’s dad David Platt struggle to convince his son to take school seriously.

And abdicating all responsibility, he tries to rope in neighbour Daniel to give Max some extra tutoring.

Daniel has already told David no – insisting he can’t be seen to play favourites with his students.

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But the real reason is that Max is off the rails – David just won’t accept it.

And when he spots Daniel helping Summer Spellman with her own studying – in an effort to get her to Oxbridge, David’s furious.

And manipulative Max uses it to his advantage.

Actor Rob Mallard reveals: “Summer is the model student and he has lots of time for her but he doesn’t have the same time for Max.

“It’s a professional conflict, he knows he’s supposed to give equal time to all of his students but he definitely has a preference.

“It’s a logical preference because you can’t force someone to learn, then you’ve got someone else there who’s really keen. They’re two very different students.”

And frustrated with Max’s behaviour, Daniel disciplines him – but Max brings up his aunt Bethany – Daniel’s ex.

“He’s shocked because as far as he’s concerned that’s in his past,” Rob said.

“The fact that David’s been bad-mouthing him behind closed doors, Daniel didn’t realise his reputation was still so bad in the Platt household.”

Daniel replies by telling David that Max should stop using his ADHD as an excuse – and it all kicks off.

Daniel Osbourne could lose his career over the clash (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne in violent clash with Max Turner

Max steals Daniel’s wallet from the classroom and Daniel ends up confronting him on the cobbles.

He even attacks the schoolboy.

Rob adds: “Straightaway, [Daniel] sees Max hovering around his desk so he immediately thinks Max has done it.

“Also Max’s reaction to him just makes him fly off the handle. He keeps him in detention after school then actually gets physically aggressive towards him in the street.”

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Rob added: “He definitely realises [how far he’s gone] when other people start to say you’re going to get fired, you can’t do this in the middle of the street.

“He’s let him get under his skin. Then when the head calls him in for a meeting he knows he’s overstepped a line.”

But will Daniel lose his job? Or will he be able to prove Max took his wallet?

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