Coronation Street spoilers Curtis and neville

Coronation Street spoilers: Curtis’ huge lie is exposed!

It turns out his dead dad is alive

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Curtis caught in a whopping great lie when his dead dad turns up alive.

It all kicks off when Emma decides to invite Curtis’ family to their wedding as a surprise.

Her groom is gearing up for his consultation with the private specialist when Emma makes the call.

But when they get back from the appointment, his dad Neville is waiting for them – and he’s very much alive!

Coronation Street spoilers: Curtis and Emma

Coronation Street Curtis and Emma
Emma discovers she’s overstepped the mark (Credit: ITV)

The happy couple is busy preparing for their Christmas wedding when things take a twist.

Curtis tells Emma he’s got nobody to invite as he doesn’t get on with his family and his mates are all abroad.

Emma feels sad for him, especially when he reminds her that since Steve is paying for his private medical appointments, they need to keep the wedding small.

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With her dad’s permission, Emma goes ahead and invites Curtis’ clan anyway – but she’s got no idea what that move will reveal.

Curtis is deeply unhappy when his bride-to-be confesses what she’s done, but he’s too busy prepping for the consultant to do much about it.

Emma stays in the waiting room as Curtis quizzes the specialist doctor about what’s wrong with him.

When he emerges, he’s got good news for his worried fiancée.

The past catches up with Curtis

Curtis and Neville
Father and son have a lot to thrash out (Credit: ITV)

Emma is thrilled when Curtis reveals the consultant is hopeful about his future.

He explains that while the consultant agrees his condition is serious, there are treatments to help him manage it.

As they head back to Weatherfield, the happy couple are excitedly talking about their future when Neville shows up.

He introduces himself to confused Emma as Curtis’ dad before realising what his son has done.

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Neville is devastated that Curtis has lied about him being dead but backs him up when the flustered lad covers his lie.

He explains that Neville is his stepdad, not his biological dad, hence the confusion.

But when they meet without Emma later, Neville confronts his son about the lie.

Why is Curtis deceiving the woman he loves?

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