Coronation Street spoilers Corey and Abi

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Corey gets away with murder again as he attempts to flee Weatherfield?

Not if Abi’s got anything to do with it

Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers show killer Corey trying to escape the country before the police can arrest him for Seb’s murder.

The vile teen finally confessed the truth to Abi in the storm drains, but it’s the evidence uncovered by Nina and Asha that could convict him.

They’ve managed to track down his blood-stained clothes, and the police have reopened the case on the strength of this new information.

But Corey isn’t done yet as his dad Stefan desperately tries to smuggle him abroad.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Stefan and Corey

Coronation Street spoilers Corey
Stefan will do anything to protect him son (Credit: ITV)

Stefan has spent a fortune trying to get his son out of this, and he’s not going to stop now.

He’s rented a house where he and Corey are hiding out as they plot to leave the UK.

Their plan relies on Eli’s dad Christian coming to pick them up and spiriting them to the border.

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From there, Stefan has arranged for Corey to join an overseas club where he can resume his football career.

They’ve got cash, passports and a plan, but can the Brents make it out of the country?

Gary to the rescue?

Gary knows if Corey goes down, Kelly could be freed (Credit: ITV)

As Corey and Stefan get ready to go, Abi’s desperately trying to find them.

She asks Gary to help her track down Christian as she’s sure he holds the key to their location.

Gary is keen to find a way to get Kelly out of prison as he doesn’t believe she killed Seb.

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So, Gary agrees to help Abi and sets off to Stefan’s office, determined to confront Christian.

However, it looks like he could be too late when the shady henchman turns up to collect Stefan and Corey after all.

They pile in the back of the van and prepare to make their escape.

But when the vehicle suddenly comes to a halt before they reach their destination, Corey and Stefan fear discovery.

Is the game up, or are they about to escape justice yet again?

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