Coronation Street SPOILERS: Cathy disappears after receiving death threats

Cathy receives nasty threats

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Cathy disappears after receiving death threats. Is she going to be okay?

Over the last few months, Steve has been trying to raise money and set up an online fundraising page, which is named after his late son Oliver, who died of mitochondrial disease last year.

A couple of weeks ago, Cathy left a nasty comment about Steve and Tracy on the fundraising page.

After people discovered what Cathy had done, they started to stop shopping at the Kabin and she has found herself rejected by the community.

The Kabin has been vandalised a few times (Credit: ITV)

In next week’s scenes Brian, Cathy and Bernie head back from lunch at Speed Daal.

Soon Cathy gets a call from Dev telling her it would be best if she stayed away from the kebab shop for a while until customers forget what she’s done.

Later Cathy discovers a parcel on the Kabin door. She’s upset to find it contains a funeral wreath.

Thinking Tracy is behind the wreath, Cathy goes and confronts her but Tracy denies all knowledge.

Cathy finds a funeral wreath on the doorstep of the Kabin (Credit: ITV)

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However Tracy hurls a few insults at Cathy just for good measure.

Soon Cathy’s phone pings and with a heavy heart she reads another message, this time it’s from the sender of the wreath.

Brian is deeply concerned for her.

Coronation Street spoilers: Cathy disappears after receiving death threats

Brian decides to report Cathy’s online abuse to Craig. Craig’s apologetic but explains there’s nothing the police can do.

Gemma’s horrified to come across a deepfake video of Cathy online. Having shown it to Bernie, Gemma heads to the loo leaving Bernie with her laptop.

Gemma finds a deepfake video of Cathy online (Credit: ITV)

When Cathy asserts that it would be best if she moved away, Brian begs her not to leave.

Soon Brian confides in Yasmeen that Cathy is gone. But where has she gone to?

When Brian reveals his intention to report Cathy’s disappearance to the police, Elaine steals herself to tell him the truth.

Is Cathy okay?

Is Cathy in danger?

Whilst Cathy has left the cobbles, it looks like should will be coming back as actress Melanie Hill recently confirmed she has signed a contract to stay on the show for anther year.

Speaking on today’s (Wednesday, April 7) episode of Lorraine, she told Cat Deeley: “It’s a bit of a disaster for poor Cathy, she never meant to cause this much of a furore.

“It’s one of those things of basically don’t drink and tweet. We’ve all been there.

“Things turn nasty and it’s not a good situation for her.”

Melanie revealed she’s signed a contract to stay on the cobbles for another year (Credit: ITV)

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When asked if Cathy will leave Weatherfield for good, Melanie responded: “She leaves the Kabin… Brian and Cathy obviously bought the Kabin but the business is in trouble because everyone has boycotted it.

“Things get quite dark quite quickly. She feels that she wants to protect the people she loves so she decides to move out.

“It’s just how far she goes, that’s the big question. She might not go too far – and I’ve signed another contract for another year, which is brilliant. We’ll see how it plays out.”

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