Coronation Street SPOILERS: Bethany and Daniel’s ‘romance’ leads to her exit

Actress Lucy Fallon is leaving the show next year

Fans of Coronation Street were left disgusted when Bethany Platt and Daniel Osbourne kissed while his wife, Sinead, lay dying.

But it was clear it was more than just a grief-filled comfort kiss, and there is a genuine spark between the pair.

As Daniel struggled to cope with everything, and Sinead’s aunt, Beth, accused the pair of having an affair, he fled to Scotland to get away from it all.

Corrie's Bethany Platt will be caught 'comforting' grieving Daniel by a vengeful Beth next week
Daniel is supported by Bethany. but she wants more (Credit: ITV)

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He returned for Sinead’s funeral and has since been spending a lot of time on his own, grieving in his flat.

On Monday he was finally able to watch videos Sinead made for Bertie before she died after getting his stolen laptop back.

It will ultimately form part of Lucy Fallon’s exit story

But as his obsession with the videos grows, in the outside world Bethany is still harbouring feelings for him.

Bethany can't fight her feelings any more (Credit: ITV)
Bethany can’t fight her feelings any more (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to ED! and other media at a press event, show producer Iain Macleod explained how this storyline is set to progress.

“We’ve got an interesting next chapter in the Daniel and Bethany story which is about Daniel’s grief,” he said.

“Soaps can struggle to tell a realistic grief time frame because we’re in that person’s house, in that person’s head and in that person’s life every day and there comes a point where viewers find it dark and downbeat.

“But I think we’ve found a clever way of realistically playing out the next chapter of Daniel’s grief.”

The pair have already kissed (Credit: ITV)
The pair have already kissed (Credit: ITV)

When asked if it was a romance or just a frienship for Bethany and Daniel, Iain responded: “That’s the question really.

“In one of their heads it’s a romance but in the other it’s a lot more complicated.

“But I think we’ve cracked this really interesting grief story that’s not just about Daniel sitting alone in his flat, feeling lonely.”

Bethany is leaving next year (Credit: ITV)
Bethany is leaving next year (Credit: ITV)

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He went on to confirm it would lead up to Lucy Fallon’s exit in 2020.

“It will ultimately form part of Lucy Fallon’s exit story, without saying too much more about it than that.”

Will Bethany realise Daniel isn’t ready to move on and leave?

Or will he end things, forcing Bethany to depart and mend her broken heart?

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