Coronation Street spoilers Asha and Nina

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Asha heartbroken as Nina rejects her!

She was hoping they’d get back together.

Coronation Street spoilers for next week show Asha’s dreams of reuniting with Nina in tatters after she gets rejected.

Asha hoped there could be a chance for them as a couple as Nina tries to rebuild her life following Seb’s murder.

But although the two girls have been spending time together again, traumatised Nina isn’t interested in getting back together.

How will Asha cope with being just good friends?

Coronation Street spoilers: Nina and Asha

Nina rejects Asha
Love is the last thing on Nina’s mind (Credit: ITV)

Although Asha’s tried to be a strong and supportive friend to Nina, she’s still got romantic feelings for her.

On the witness stand in court, Asha was mortified when she was pushed to admit she was still in love with her shocked ex.

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They’ve tried to put that moment behind them, but everyone can see that Asha is still smitten.

But things are much more complicated for grieving Nina.

Starting from scratch

Coronation Street spoilers Nina and Roy
Roy pushes Nina to get creative again (Credit: ITV)

Next week, Nina begins to make plans for her future after some deep chats with Roy.

He wants to see her use her creativity to launch a new career, and Nina decides to apply for a fashion course.

Asha’s delighted when Nina asks her to model some designs for her application as it means spending time together.

But when Roy remarks on their closeness, Nina tells him it’s strictly platonic.

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Realising that Asha might be reading into things too, she clumsily reminds her that she only sees her as a friend.

Red-faced Asha lies and says that she’s got no problem with how things have turned out.

But later, she breaks down and cries to Aadi about her pain over Nina not wanting her.

Is it time she moved on, or might Nina change her mind?

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