Coronation Street spoilers Abi and Corey

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Abi confronts Corey with a gun – but who will die?

It’s an epic showdown in the sewers

Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers show Abi about to take her revenge on killer Corey – until they are plunged into the Weatherfield sewers.

Abi has a loaded gun and a thirst for vengeance when she goes after Seb’s murderer at the Horrornation Street event.

After tracking down Corey, Abi is ready to shoot to kill until the ground gives way beneath them.

The arch enemies plummet to the bottom of the sewers, where they battle for control of the gun.

Will Abi get justice, or will Corey take down another Franklin?

Coronation Street spoilers: Abi avenges Seb

abi corrie
Abi disguises herself as she prepares to hunt down Corey (Credit: ITV)

Abi will stop at nothing to give Corey the punishment she thinks he deserves.

Seeing the evil teen getting away with murder is too much for her to bear.

When she watches an Instagram video of Corey packing his stuff to play football in Germany, she realises she has to act fast.

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Abi believes the Horrornation Street event will be the perfect place to kill Corey as everyone is distracted by the gruesome goings-on.

It looks like her plan will work when she finds him, and Corey goads her over Seb’s tragic death.

But before Abi can shoot, the earth collapses, and they both fall down into the sewer system.

Not only is Abi badly hurt, but she also sees the gun lying between her and Corey.

He’s killed once, so there’s no doubt Corey could kill again.

A fight to the death?

Coronation Street spoilers abi corey
Abi stares death in the face (Credit: ITV)

Trapped together in a terrifying situation, Abi and Corey have a vicious confrontation.

But while they face off against each other, the water level is rising quickly.

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Above them, Roy desperately tries to help as it looks like the water could sweep Abi and Corey away.

Will either of them make it out alive?

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