Tyrone devastated by Evelyn's confession Corrie Credit: ITV

Coronation Street SPOILER: Tyrone hits out at Evelyn

Will they ever make up?

Evelyn Plummer might be back from her travels, but that doesn’t mean grandson Tyrone Dobbs is hanging up a welcome home banner.

After his grandmother went missing during a trip abroad, Tyrone was left fearing the worst about her welfare.

When Evelyn’s friend James returned to the cobbles without her, Tyrone was forced to call around all the hospitals and try to track down his troublesome gran.

Tyrone and James in Coronation Street
Tyrone was worried when James came back home without Evelyn (Credit: ITV)

Little did he know, she was busy causing trouble over in Paris!

After spending a fortune getting her home safe and sound, Tyrone is still fuming at Evelyn and has told her she still isn’t welcome in Weatherfield. But does he really mean it?

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When Evelyn returns to the cobbles next week, she tries to sneak into Tyrone’s house in disguise… although not a very good one if you ask us!

Tyrone and Evelyn in Coronation Street
Evelyn comes home in disguise… sort of! (Credit: ITV)

But Evelyn’s plans of keeping under the radar are thwarted when she is confronted by a fuming Tyrone waiting for her inside the house.

He is cross about all the worry that she put him through during the last few weeks, and the pair end up fighting once again.

But despite being angry about his gran’s shenanigans, Tyrone can’t help but be relieved that she is okay.

He’s adamant that she won’t find out that he’s secretly pleased she’s home, though, and dramatically tells her to pack her bags – and not for the first time.

Tyrone and Evelyn in Coronation Street
Tyrone tells Evelyn to pack her bags (Credit: ITV)

But when Tyrone gets home later on, he is quietly pleased to find Evelyn is still there, and tells her that she can stay until she pays back the 750 euros that he had to spend getting her home.

And the stubborn pair are both as bad as each other, because Evelyn is also secretly relieved that she has got a reason to stay at Tyrone’s, although she doesn’t actually show it.

Coming up with a plan to make sure he gets his money back from his gran, Tyrone sets her to work at the garage.

Tyrone and Kevin in Coronation Street
Tyrone and Kevin are horrified by Evelyn’s people skills (Credit: ITV)

But as you can probably imagine, snooty Evelyn and the customers at the garage don’t exactly mix, and she is soon rubbing everyone up the wrong way.

After Evelyn officially scares away customers, Kevin suggests to Tyrone that perhaps his gran isn’t cut out for life in a garage… but that all changes when he witnesses her deal with a particularly tricky client.

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When a customer refuses to pay his bill, Evelyn proudly presents him with a pair of lacy knickers that she found while valeting the car… and the panic on the man’s face is enough to make everyone realise he has been caught red-handed.

Tyrone and Evelyn in Coronation Street
Will Tyrone forgive Evelyn for coughing trouble? (Credit: ITV)

Within moments the customer has paid his bill in full, and Kevin and Tyrone are left wondering if maybe Evelyn could be an asset to the business after all.

But will Tyrone live to regret giving his gran a job?

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