Coronation Street SPOILER: Tim and Gina kiss!

What will Sally say?

As Tim Metcalfe drowns his sorrows at his Christmas party, besotted Gina Seddon uses the chance to pounce – but what will Sally say if she discovers her sister and her husband have shared a forbidden kiss?

Gina has been harbouring not-so-secret feelings for brother-in-law Tim for weeks now. And with her sister Sally facing Christmas in prison, Gina decides now is the perfect time to show Tim how she really feels.

Sophie talks to Tim in Coronation Street
Tim isn’t impressed when Sophie suggests he sells his half of Street Cars to pay sally’s legal fees (Credit: ITV)

With Tim struggling with the fact Sally will be eating her turkey dinner in jail, he is also secretly worried that the claims she had an affair with Duncan could be true. An idea that Gina has been secretly encouraging.

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But with Tim’s feelings towards his wife becoming more resentful by the day, he is fuming when Sophie comes round and – having got a huge bill from Sally’s lawyer Paula – she suggests to Tim that he sells his share of Street Cars to pay the cost.

Tim and Gina kiss in Coronation Street
Tim drowns his sorrows as Gina flirts up a storm (Credit: ITV)

Sophie isn’t happy with Tim refuses to even entertain the idea of selling his half of the business to help Sally out, and she doesn’t waste any time in visiting her mum in prison to tell her what’s happened.

But deep down, Sophie has another worry – one that she doesn’t share with Sally – and that’s the fact Tim and Gina are looking more and more cosy together at number 4.

Tim and Gina kiss in Coronation Street
Tim decides that if Sally can cheat, then so can he (Credit: ITV)

Tim blames Sally for the whole sorry mess that they’re in, and convinced that his wife is making him to look like a mug, he puts the family home on the market instead of his business.

Later in the week Gina is thrilled when Tim asks her to move into number 4 with him and Faye – but what he doesn’t realise is he’s just given his sister-in-law the perfect change to meddle in his marriage even more.

Tim and Gina kiss in Coronation Street
Um, be careful up there, Tim! (Credit: ITV)

When Sally phones home to talk to Tim, Gina plays the pair off on one another, leaving both upset about the shambles their relationship has become.

At the Street Cars party, Tim uses the flowing booze to drown his sorrows and it doesn’t take long for him to be flirting up a storm with everything that moves, claiming that if his wife can do the dirty then so can he. If only he knew that poor Sally is innocent.

But while his friends are worried about what has happened to Tim, Gina is thrilled by what Tim has said and sees this a the green light to show him how she feels.

Tim and Gina kiss in Coronation Street
Everyone watches as Tim sings carols from the fire escape (Credit: ITV)

As Tim gets thrown out of the Bistro for being too drunk, he climbs up to the top of the fire escape in Victoria Street and starts to sing carols.

While everyone watches on as he stands precariously close to the edge, Gina heads up after him to fetch him down.

But once back at home, emotional and drunk Tim confides in Gina that he is lonely and misses his wife… thanking Gina for being there for him in his moment of need.

Tim and Gina kiss in Coronation Street
Gina rescues Tim in his moment of need… (Credit: ITV)

But instead of doing the right thing and leaving Tim to sober up, Gina is shocked when he plants a kiss on her – something Gina has been dreaming about for weeks.

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But what will happen next? Is this the start of something new between the forbidden pair, or will the kiss make Tim realise Sally is the only woman for him?

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