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Wednesday 27th May 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: The Baileys move in!

They're soon making their mark on the cobbles...

Next week's Coronation Street sees the long-awaited arrival of the Bailey family, and it seems it won't take long for the new arrivals to make their presence known.

The Bailey clan have become one of Coronation Street's most talked about arrivals in years... but as they start making their mark on Number 3, Ed, Aggie and their boys manage to rub some of their new neighbours up the wrong way.

Ken confronts Ed about the noise at Number 3... (Credit: ITV)

The family waste no time in renovating their new home but, understandably, their new house holds lots of memories for Weatherfield residents, and Ken Barlow and Mary Taylor are forced to watch on with sadness as Ed clears the contents of Norris Cole's old house into a skip.

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But it seems the newcomers have got a cheeky side, because Ed has great fun when Ken mistakes him for one of the builders working on Number 3, instead of the new owner.

In the Rovers, Ed enjoys winding up Ken and Chesney about the new family moving in, still pretending he is simply being paid to renovate Number 3.

Ken thinks Ed is a builder and not the new owner! (Credit: ITV)

Ed jokes that the new family have ten children and just as many pets, leaving Chesney and Ken horrified.

But the joke doesn't end there... Ken is so annoyed about the noise that the renovations are causing, that he tells Ed that he wants to complain to the new neighbours about the disruption... totally unaware that Ed is the new neighbour!

As Ed and his eldest son Michael continue to beaver away, working hard on Number 3, it is all too much for Ken and he demands the contact details for the news neighbours from Ed... who mischievously hands over his wife Aggie's details.

Ed and his family are set to cause a stir when they arrive next week (Credit: ITV)

They also meet Steve McDonald when he is sent over to clear the air between the new neighbours, and he's shocked to come face-to-face with the Baileys' youngest son, James.

James happens to be the Weatherfield County footballer who refused to pay his cab fair to Steve recently, and ended up getting run over after doing a runner from the taxi.

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Aggie and Ed listen in horror when they hear what happened, and are soon laying into their son for risking his future as a footballer over a taxi fare.

Aggie and Ed are horrified when they find out James put his future as a footballer at risk (Credit: ITV)

Deciding that they need to make a fresh start, Ken invites Aggie and Ed for a drink with him, Tracy and Steve, and it seems that the new additions to the street are finally finding their feet with their new neighbours.

By the end of the week Ed is even helping Roy with a broken cooker, and Aggie is baking cakes for Ken as a way of apology for all the noise...

But just when it looks like they might all get along, Ken is fuming to find a gaping big hole in his living room wall thanks to Ed and Michael's handiwork.


Will Ken see the funny side... something tells us probably not!

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