Coronation Street SPOILER: Sinead horrified by news of impending death

The heartbreaking story continues

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Sinead Osbourne discovers her friend Steff’s claims that complementary therapy is helping to cure her cancer instead of traditional medicine are actually bogus when Steff collapses.

The knicker-stitcher’s new friend, who many viewers have claimed is a bad egg only has days to live, but is it enough to make Sinead see sense?

Steff’s husband tells Sinead the truth (Credit: ITV)

Sinead’s battle has tugged at the heart strings of viewers as she was diagnosed with cervical cancer shortly after finding out she was expecting a baby.

The young mum-to-be has been refusing treatment to protect the life of her unborn baby.

But she’s also been lying to husband Daniel about it and pretending she’s keeping up with her chemotherapy sessions.

Instead she’s been meeting with Steff and investigating complementary medicines to fight the cancer.

Steff has insisted she feels great and doesn’t need traditional medicine to help her, but it seems she’s wrong about that when she’s taken to hospital.

Sinead can’t believe it (Credit: ITV)

A devastated Sinead goes to visit her and is met by Steff’s husband who tells Sinead Steff’s cancer has spread and she has only days to live.

Sinead is totally floored by the news and starts to doubt her own decision to shun treatment. But will this push her to tell Daniel the truth?

Sinead’s been lying to Daniel (Credit: ITV)

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He’s blissfully unaware that Sinead’s ditched traditional medicine for complementary therapies and a plant-based diet, he thinks she’s doing these other things as extra precautions – Ken’s even secretly paying for them.

Sinead believes it’s the insurance at Underworld that is covering the cost, so when she sees her father-in-law hand an envelope full of cash over to Carla, she’s suspicious.

Her investigation into what’s going on is put on hold though, as she and Daniel attend a baby scan and return to the street happy and excited.

When Daniel feels the baby kick later on, he tells his wife he’s the happiest man alive – leaving her feeling incredibly guilty at all the deceitful tactics she’s pulling to hide the fact she’s not having chemo.

The couple are excited to feel their baby kick (Credit: ITV)

Sinead confronts Ken about the money later on and he admits he’s been funding her therapy. She’s touched – but even more guilty – and shows him the scan photo of his grandchild.

When Daniel wants to go to her chemo appointment with her the next day, she starts to panic, and snaps at him before going alone.

Of course she’s not going to the hospital, but it’s all getting a bit too much and when Billy spots her, he asks if everything’s OK.

The weight of everything bearing heavily on her, Sinead asks him if they can pray together.

Billy learns the truth about Sinead (Credit: ITV)

Billy takes her to his flat and totally consumed with guilt, Sinead blurts out the truth that she’s not been attending chemo.

Bound by the rules of the church to keep her secret, can Billy persuade Sinead she needs to be honest with Daniel? And more importantly, can anyone make her see she needs to have the medical treatment to save her life?

Now Steff’s not going to be around any to persuade Sinead otherwise, can she start to see clearly about her future?

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