Coronation Street SPOILER: Sinead gets life-changing news

Will the mum-to-be get the news she has been hoping for?

Pregnant Sinead Tinker has been battling cancer for months, but she’s about to get some news that will turn her life upside down.

Coronation Street viewers will know that Sinead’s had a tough year to say the least.

Not only did she discover she has cervical cancer at a pregnancy scan, but she also decided to fight her illness with alternative therapies, lying to Daniel as she skipped her chemotherapy sessions.

Daniel and Sinead have had a tough year to say the least (Credit: ITV)

Thankfully Sinead is now back to having the treatment she desperately needs if she is going to survive her cancer ordeal… now hoping that she will be giving her unborn baby a future with a mother in it.

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Christmas proved to be emotional as husband Daniel pulled out all the stops to make it the best festive season ever… even cooking up a special vegan Christmas dinner in support of her new healthier lifestyle.

But the day was of course tinged with sadness as the reality that this could be Sinead’s last Christmas hanging over her whole family.

Christmas was an emotional rollercoaster for Sinead (Credit: ITV)

The start of the year doesn’t get off to the most positive beginnings for Sinead when she brushes her hair and a big clump comes out.

Beth and Daniel are supportive, telling her that her hair doesn’t matter, and that it’s more important that she gets better… but Sinead is heartbroken, thinking that Daniel won’t fancy her when she is bald.

The pair later have a heart-to-heart… and their conversation gives Daniel a plan.

Daniel comes ups with a plan to shave his head (Credit: ITV)

Daniel gives Kirk the important job of making the flat look romantic for when Sinead comes home, while he hot foots it to an appointment.

Sinead is thrown when she gets home to find Daniel isn’t there, and instead Kirk is forced to reveal that Daniel had a hair appointment and has gone to get his head shaved.

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Despite his gesture obviously being very supportive, Sinead is left shocked at the thought… but as Daniel returns from his appointment, will he actually have gone through with it?

Sinead’s scan results are in, but what will they reveal? (Credit: ITV)

Later Sinead gets a call from the hospital revealing that they have got her scan results in… but will the news be good or bad?

Whatever happens, Sinead’s life is about to change forever…

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